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2021-22 NBA Divisional Odds Tracker

Updated: March 28, 2022

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We’ve been keeping a close eye on all six NBA divisional races and have included each team’s odds on this page. The graphs have been generated by averaging the latest odds from our most trusted sportsbooks to help you better determine each team’s probability of coming out on top.

Bookmark this page and visit it often to see how the odds for your favorite clubs fluctuate during the 2021-22 NBA season.

Atlantic Division

  • [March 20] The Boston Celtics are now first in the East, and odds-on favorites in the Atlantic
  • [March 8] Undefeated since acquiring James Harden, the Sixers are heavy odds-on favorites
  • [February 17] With the addition of James Harden in tow, Philadelphia is now a heavier favorite to win the Atlantic. The Nets have fallen behind both Toronto and Boston with KD out and no timetable for Ben Simmons’ return
  • [February 7] As the Nets tumble down the standings on their 8-game losing streak, the 76ers are now the Atlantic Division favorites
  • [January 25] The Nets remain odds-on favorites, but with Kevin Durant sidelined their odds have slightly lengthened
  • [January 13] With Kyrie Irving now playing, Brooklyn is at average odds in the -400 range
  • [December 10] The Nets remain odds-on favorites, while the Knicks have slid to fourth – even behind the roller coaster Celtics
  • [November 16] Despite not having Kyrie Irving, the 76ers have had numerous injury issues to start the year – allowing the Nets to settle in as heavy -380 favorites
  • [November 1] Buoyed off their hot start and wins against the Celtics and Sixers, the Knicks have shortened to +700 and third favorites in the Atlantic
  • [October 19] Although the Nets seem to be trudging ahead without Kyrie, their odds continued to shorten now -220 to win the Atlantic
  • [October 12] Despite the current situation in which Kyrie Irving having to miss home games at Barclays Center due to their vaccine mandate, the Nets are still heavy -195 favorites in the Atlantic Division

Odds to Win 2022 NBA Atlantic Division

Team Odds
Boston Celtics -160
Philadelphia 76ers +130

All odds as of March 28th at Caesars Sportsbook


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Central Division

  • [March 8] The Bucks have hit their stride both going in to, and coming out of the All-Star break has given Milwaukee a heavy odds-on price
  • [February 17] Milwaukee is odds-on favorite, while the Cavs and Bulls can be found as short as +250
  • [February 7] The race in the Central has tightened, with the Bucks and Cavs getting hot while the Bulls deal with injuries and have teetered recently
  • [January 25] As Chicago deals with multiple injuries to their rotation, the Bucks have shifted to odds-on favorites
  • [January 13] Can the Bulls unseat the Bucks in the Central?! They’ve pulled even at FanDuel with odds of -115
  • [December 10] Chicago remains +240, but the favorite Bucks have a chance to distance themselves as the Bulls deal with a team-wide covid outbreak
  • [November 16] This race has tightened up, as the Bucks opened the year with a bit of a title hangover and the Bulls behind new acquisition DeMar DeRozan are playing the best ball in the East, as they’re down to +240 odds to win the Central
  • [November 1] Are the Bulls for real? Chicago’s hot start is vaulted them ahead of the Pacers to odds of +600 in the Central. Milwaukee remains heavy favorites
  • [October 19] No movement in the Central ahead of opening night
  • [October 12] In what figures to be the least competitive divisional race in the league, the Bucks are massive favorites

2022 Central Division Odds

Team Odds
Milwaukee Bucks 350
Chicago Bulls +400
Cleveland Cavaliers +700
Indiana Pacers OTB
Detroit Pistons OTB
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Southeast Division

  • [March 8] With the Heat locking up the division, the odds are OTB
  • [February 17] No contest in this division, the Heat have it locked it up as they compete to win the Eastern Conference
  • [February 7] The Southeast is comfortably locked up for Miami heading in to the All-Star break
  • [January 25] The Heat are now heavily favored to win the Southeast as they sit atop the Eastern Conference and the Hawks/Hornets fight for playoff position
  • [January 13] Miami is now a heavy odds on favorite, with the Hawks and Hornets unable to keep pace despite the Heat’s injury and covid issues
  • [December 10] The Heat remain odds-on favorites, but the Hawks are shortening with Bam Adebayo still out for Miami
  • [November 16] With the Hawks struggling, the Heat are heavy odds-on favorites in the Southeast. The books have not yet bought in to the Wizards despite their hot start, as their odds are still a distant third
  • [November 1] While the Heat still are gelling on the floor with their new additions, they remain odds-on favorites
  • [October 19] The Heat remain favorites going in to opening night
  • [October 12] Buoyed by the addition of Kyle Lowry, the Miami Heat are slight odds-on favorites over the Hawks to regain the stronghold of the Southeast

Odds to Win 2022 Southeast Division

Team Odds
Miami Heat OTB
Charlotte Hornets OTB
Atlanta Hawks OTB
Washington Wizards OTB
Orlando Magic OTB

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Northwest Division

  • [March 8] The Jazz can be found as short as -900 to -1000 at various sportsbooks
  • [February 17] Utah remain significant favorites
  • [February 7] Despite their recent struggles due to injury, the Jazz remain odds-on favorites in the Northwest
  • [January 25] The Jazz remain heavily favored to win the Northwest
  • [January 13] This division is all but locked up, with the Jazz now at odds of -6000
  • [December 10] Utah has all but wrapped up the division now at heavy odds of -1900 to win
  • [November 16] With the Blazers having a lifeless start as they linger below .500, their odds have faded to +1700
  • [November 1] Minnesota and Portland have seen their odds shorten with strong starts to the campaign
  • [October 19] No odds movement in the Northwest ahead of the season
  • [October 12] The Jazz once again have opened as -310 favorites to win the Northwest

2021-22 NBA Northwest Division Odds

Team Odds
Utah Jazz -800
Denver Nuggets +500
Minnesota Timberwolves +4000
Portland Trail Blazers +50000
Oklahoma City Thunder OTB
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Pacific Division

  • [March 8] The Suns are 8 games up on the next team in the Western Conference standings, and have run away with the Pacific division
  • [February 17] Phoenix has taken control of the division, now as short as a whopping -1100
  • [February 7] The Suns remain piping hot, and are odds-on favorites
  • [January 25] Phoenix has a stellar 37-9 record and sits atop the Western Conference – as well as the Pacific Division, in which they are now heavy odds-on favorites
  • [January 13] In the most competitive West divisional race, Phoenix is a slight odds-on favorite over the Warriors – who just got Klay Thompson back
  • [December 10] The Warriors have inched ahead of the Suns in the Pacific battle between the league’s two best team, now the odds-on favorite while the Suns are +105
  • [November 16] GSW and PHO are playing the best ball in the West to open up the season, and their odds to win the Pacific are now both +150
  • [November 1] The Lakers have started in a hole due to injuries and new chemistry issues with Russell Westbrook, dropping them behind the Suns for favorites’ position. The Clippers are also struggling mightily without Kawhi Leonard – and LAC has fallen to odds of +1400
  • [October 19] After being odds on favorites at open, the Lakers are now +100 ton win the Pacific
  • [October 12] In what figures to be the most competitive divisional race in the league this season, the Lakers are odds-on favorites with the addition of Russell Westbrook to the lineup alongside LeBron and AD

2021-22 NBA Pacific Division Odds

Team Odds
Phoenix Suns -4000
Golden State Warriors +1500
Los Angeles Lakers OTB
Los Angeles Clippers OTB
Sacramento Kings OTB
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Southwest Division

  • [March 8] Memphis remains a heavy odds-on favorite
  • [February 17] Memphis continues to be the pleasant surprise of the season, now as short as -1050 to win the Southwest
  • [February 7] The Grizzlies keep moving in the right direction, now -450 favorites at FanDuel Sportsbook
  • [January 25] Memphis has proven their surge wasn’t a mirage, and they’re now -370 favorites in the Southwest
  • [January 13] With Memphis surging, the Grizzlies are now heavy odds-on favorites to win the Southwest
  • [December 10] Despite Ja Morant being out, the Grizzlies are hanging tough against the odds-on favored Mavs
  • [November 16] The Mavs are odds-on favorites, but teams have a chance to make up ground with Luka suffering an ankle injury
  • [November 1] Dallas has seen their price slightly lengthen as they’ve had a disjointed start under Jason Kidd
  • [October 19] Despite Zion’s return date reportedly delayed, the Pelicans odds are still +500
  • [October 12] Luka Doncic and the Mavs are once again heavy favorites to win the Southwest

2021-22 Southwest Division Odds

Team Odds
Memphis Grizzlies -1300
Dallas Mavericks +800
San Antonio Spurs OTB
New Orleans Pelicans OTB
Houston Rockets OTB

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