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We’ve been keeping a close eye on all six NBA divisional races and have included each team’s odds below. The graphs have been generated by averaging the latest odds from our most trusted sportsbooks to help you better determine each team’s probability of coming out on top. Bookmark this page and visit it often to see how the odds for your favorite clubs fluctuate during the 2019-20 NBA season.

Atlantic Division

  • [Sept 4] The Raptors and Nets have both seen their average odds to win the division lengthen to +600
  • [Aug 19] The Celtics have their average odds slightly improve over the past week, from +400 to +300
  • [Aug 12] The 76ers are now odds-on to win the division, adjusting from +150 to -150
  • [July 8] The 76ers have opened with the shortest odds following a tumultuous offseason in which Kyrie Irving and Al Horford bolted Boston and Kawhi Leonard spurned Toronto to return to his California roots

2020 Atlantic Division Odds at BetOnline

Team Odds to Win Atlantic Division at BetOnline Division Titles
Philadelphia 76ers -150 5
Boston Celtics +350 22
Brooklyn Nets +600 4
Toronto Raptors +600 6
New York Knicks +10000 5

*All odds taken 9/04/19

Central Division

  • [Sept 4] Indiana’s average odds have fallen to +600, as the Bucks are now extremely heavy favorites with an average of -950
  • [Aug 19] Milwaukee’s average odds have slightly fallen back towards the pack at -400
  • [Aug 12] The Bucks, who had average odds of -350 to win the division at open, are now a huge -800
  • [July 8] Milwaukee may have come up short in the playoffs, but oddsmakers believe they’ll win the Central Division for the second straight season after finishing with 60 wins in 2018-19.

2020 Central Division Odds at BetOnline

Team Odds to Win Central Division at BetOnline Divisional Titles
Milwaukee Bucks -450 8
Indiana Pacers +400 6
Detroit Pistons +1600 9
Chicago Bulls +5000 8
Cleveland Cavaliers +15000 7


Southeast Division

  • [Sept 4] The Magic’s average odds have slightly improved to an average of +160, as the division’s challenger to the Heat
  • [Aug 19] The top three in the division stayed the course, while the Hornets (+2500) and Wizards (+1600) average odds have shortened some despite still being distant long shots
  • [Aug 12] The Miami Heat have moved into odds-on territory at -130
  • [July 8] Miami added four-time NBA All-Star Jimmy Butler in the offseason and they may not be done yet. The Heat are rumored to be the preferred destination of Oklahoma City point guard Russell Westbrook, who may be on the move after the Thunder traded Paul George.

2020 Southeast Division Odds at BetOnline

Team Odds to Win Southeast Division at BetOnline Divisional Titles
Miami Heat -125 9
Orlando Magic +175 4
Atlanta Hawks +700 1
Washington Wizards +2000 1
Charlotte Hornets +5000 0

Northwest Division

  • [Sept 4] The Jazz remain the favorite in the division, with average odds of +110
  • [Aug 19] While Denver and Utah remain favorites, Portland has seen their average odds dip to +600
  • [Aug 12] The Thunder’s odds have tumbled hard this past month from +1200 to +8500
  • [July 8] The Jazz are expected to make sweet music in 2019-20 after adding Mike Conley and Bojan Bogdanovic to a talented core that won 50 games a year ago.

2020 Northwest Division Odds at BetOnline

Team Odds to Win Northwest Division at BetOnline Divisional Titles
Utah Jazz +110 3
Denver Nuggets +150 4
Portland Trail Blazers +600 2
Minnesota Timberwolves +2000 0
Oklahoma City Thunder +2500 6

Pacific Division

  • [Sept 4] With Dwight Howard brought into the fold to replace Cousins, the Lakers average odds improved to +240
  • [Aug 19] Golden State’s average odds have improved to +350 in the wake of DeMarcus Cousins injury, while the Lakers have fallen back to +300
  • [Aug 12] The Clippers keep getting the respect of bettors, now as -160 favorites
  • [July 8] Oddsmakers believe the Los Angeles Clippers will finally get a proper Hollywood ending after acquiring Kawhi Leonard and Paul George during the offseason. The duo join a feisty young team that went 48-34 last year and pushed the Warriors to six games in the opening round of the 2019 NBA Playoffs.

2020 Pacific Division Odds at BetOnline

Team Odds to Win Pacific Division at BetOnline Division Titles
Los Angeles Clippers -150 2
Los Angeles Lakers +275 23
Golden State Warriors +350 7
Sacramento Kings +5000 2
Phoenix Suns +25000 6

Southwest Division

  • [Sept 4] The Pelicans average odds slightly improved to +930
  • [Aug 19] No hierarchy change in average odds amongst teams in the Southwest
  • [Aug 12] Big movement on the Spurs from +700 to +400
  • [July 8] The Rockets have opened with the shortest odds to win the Southwest Division, but they may also be the team with the shortest fuse. Chris Paul and James Harden are no longer on speaking terms and 90% of the roster has been dangled in trades. They’ll beat up on their fair share of teams, but they may also beat up each other before the season is done.

2020 Southwest Division Odds at BetOnline

Team Odds to Win Southwest Division at BetOnline Divisional Titles
Houston Rockets -275 3
San Antonio Spurs +450 9
Dallas Mavericks +800 2
New Orleans Pelicans +1000 1
Memphis Grizzlies +10000 0
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