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Rest Easy, Everyone, ChiefsAholic Has Been Apprehended

Robert Linnehan

by Robert Linnehan in Sports Betting News

Updated Jul 11, 2023 · 6:50 AM PDT

via twitter: @ChiefsAholic
  • A Chiefs super fan who skipped out on his bail has been arrested and charged with bank theft
  • Xaviar Michael Babudar, known as “ChiefsAholic” on social media, made several high profile bets on the Chiefs last season
  • Babudar was located near Sacramento after removing his ankle monitor in March 2023 and fleeing prosecution

Breath easy, gang, as one less bank robbing Chiefs super fan is roaming the streets today.

Xaviar Michael Babudar, 28, known as “ChiefsAholic” on social media, has been arrested and charged with bank robbery after being a fugitive of justice for the last four months. He was charged with one count of bank theft and one count of transporting stolen property across state lines.

Babudar was well known in the Chiefs community for his social media presence and for wearing a full wolf costume to all Chiefs home games and several of their away games. His twitter account has been silent since Dec. 16, which would make sense under the circumstances, since he was allegedly busy that day attempting to rob a bank in Oklahoma.

ChiefsAholic Loved Betting on Kansas City

Last year, a sharp-eyed reader, @Kbagrie on Twitter, turned our attention to a hefty bet Babudar placed back in June of 2022 on Patrick Mahomes to win the NFL MVP. The $5,000 bet hit and netted Babudar a $45,000 total payout. He also placed a bet on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl, which they did, and the ticket netted him $55,000.

The only problem is Babudar was incarcerated after being arrested and charged with armed robbery on Friday, Dec. 16, for his alleged involved in a bank robbery in Bixby, Oklahoma, when both tickets hit.

Babudar eventually posted bail and was released on bond in February 2023. In late March 2023 he allegedly removed his ankle monitor and fled prosecution. It’s unknown if Babudar was able to cash any of the tickets.

FBI investigators reviewed bank records, casino transaction records, and financial reporting to determine that Babudar purchased and redeemed more than $1 million in chips from various casinos in Missouri, Kansas and Illinois between April and December 2022.

According to the Western District of Missouri, Babudar’s cell phone was placed in several cities and locations for a number of previously unsolved bank robberies and attempted robberies. In addition to the complaint and robbery charges in Oklahoma, an affidavit refers to four bank robberies in Nebraska, Iowa, Tennessee and Oklahoma, and to the attempted robberies of two credit unions in Minnesota.

Babudar had an initial court appearance on Monday, July 10, in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California in Sacramento.

Laws Murky if Imprisoned Individuals Can Cash Tickets

We previously reached out to the Kansas Lottery, which oversees Kansas sports betting, and a representative told us there are no specific state sports betting rules or regulations that pertains to an imprisoned individual cashing winning sports betting tickets.

The Kansas Lottery rep reached out to Penn Sports Interactive, which owns Barstool Sportsbook, for the answer. The Hollywood Casino’s retail sportsbook is operated by Barstool Sportsbook.

According to Penn Sports Interactive, a winning ticket is valid for 365 days after the event takes place and as long as any patron presents a winning ticket at the casino it has to be honored.

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