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Big Brother 17 Odds – Episode 4

John Benson

by John Benson in Entertainment

Jul 28, 2015 · 7:07 AM PDT

So far the story of Big Brother 17 has been the “Twin Twist”, with sisters Liz and Julia Nolan avoiding being a part of the first five evictions. Now the sisters will be competing side by side in the Big Brother house, which this past week said goodbye to the most recently evicted Audrey Middleton.

It’s been a couple weeks since we’ve updated the odds on each houseguest, but there is still a familiar face leading the charge. Here are the current odds on who will win Big Brother 17:

Big Brother 17 Odds (post-Episode 4):

Vanessa Rousso: 4/1

Early success put this poker pro as the so-called Big Brother chip leader, but as of late Rousso hasn’t been as domineering. Next on her list is Austin Matelson, who she hopes to bully into eviction.

Liz Nolan: 6/1

The Miami-based marketing coordinator, who has been protected by the “Sixth Sense Alliance”, was the week four Head of Household competition winner. Also, her nominees won the Battle of the Block competition. She’s a player.

James Huling: 8/1

The armed forces veteran enjoyed success early on only to stumble a bit of late. Most recently he won the Battle of the Block competition, which kept him safe (for this week).

Austin Matelson: 10/1

The professional wrestler, who is part of the “Sixth Sense Alliance”, is a power broker leading to the week three eviction of Jeff Weldon. Matelson remains active and hungry in the house. Also, it remains to be seen if romancing Liz Nolan is a good idea.

Shelli Poole: 12/1

After early success, the interior designer’s recent plans haven’t come to fruition. Poole could be losing her control. That’s why she fell from 6/1 to 12/1 to win Big Brother 17.

Becky Burgess: 12/1

So far this retail manager’s biggest feat is winning week two’s HoH competition “Ginger Fever.” However, her backdoor attempts haven’t produced any results of note. Still, the cunning Burgess shouldn’t be counted out. That’s why she jumps from 15/1 to 12/1 this week.

John McGuire: 15/1

Despite reservations, this dentist-turned-pawn continues to be at the center of deals in the Big Brother house. Eventually he’ll need more than his power of veto to avoid eviction.

Steve Moses: 15/1

The mechanical engineer has survived with the power of veto and as a Battle of the Block competition winner. As long as he stays off the block, he’ll continue to be in good shape.

Meg Maley: 15/1

Meg may have been a guest on Rob Gronkowski’s party boat, but she’s faltered of late.

Jackie Ibarra: 18/1

The Amazing Race season 26 contestant has come on of late winning the fifth Head of Household competition.

Clay Honeycutt: 20/1

The former college football player is hoping his “Sixth Sense Alliance” keeps him from eviction. However, it’s going to be a dangerous play. Considering he’s yet to win a competition, Honeycutt is definitely on the block.

Julia Nolan: 25/1

Initially protected by the “Sixth Sense Alliance”, Julia doesn’t appear to be long for Big Brother.

Jason Roy: 25/1

A popular target for eviction, this supermarket cashier seems to be on thin ice, most recently losing the Battle of the Block competition.

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