Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr Best Prop Bets

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson spars during a training exhibition in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Marlene Karas, File)
  • The Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr fight offers some intriguing prop bets
  • Does this one go the distance or will someone be staring at the lights?
  • Check out the odds, analysis, and best props below

Tyson vs Jones Jr Props are popping up as we encroach closer to fight night.

A prizefight between two titans of the sweet science has resulted in the line undulating in the lead up to fight week.

The general odds have been discussed for this dream fight, but some more outcome-centric numbers are what we’re focusing on this time out.

Tyson vs Jones Jr Props – Total Rounds

Outcome Odds
Over 6.5 -115
Under 6.5 -115

All odds taken Nov. 26 at DraftKings

A lot of discussions are centered around Tyson’s ability to end this fight early and understandably so.

His highlight reel illustrates an alarming level of technique in conjunction with power. Tyson possesses a truly unique flair for sending champion fighters to the shadow realm.

That being said, Roy Jones Jr has showcased an altogether unique skill set that has vaulted him into rarified air across multiple weight categories.

I think Roy Jones Jr will have to box with a certain mindfulness in the opening frames before he starts to get his rhythm working at a manageable distance.

The historical evasiveness of Jones Jr coupled with the question marks surrounding how many offensive bursts Tyson can sustain lead me to doubt that this one ends in a knockout.

In fact, I think this one goes the full eight rounds.

Pick: Over 6.5 (-115)

Tyson vs Jones Jr Props – Go The Distance Odds

Outcome Odds
Yes +105
No -139

I feel many are underestimating the defensive cunning and the offensive effectiveness of Roy Jones Jr as it pertains to his ring generalship capabilities.

I understand there’s a degree of getting caught up in the euphoria of a Tyson comeback.

Tyson can admittedly still KO any man on the planet, but Roy Jones Jr is a crafty pugilist with surgical precision that he can sustain through the full bout if need be.

Though both will have varying degrees of ring rust, Jones Jr has competed more recently, and how his cardio over a full fight isn’t as uncertain.

I would not personally lean into picking a particular round for a finish in this one. I think this fight will go the full eight rounds.

Pick: Yes (+105)

Tyson vs Jones Jr Props – Method of Victory Odds

Result KO/ TKO/ DQ Odds Decision Odds (after eight rounds)
Tyson defeats Jones Jr -106 +333
Jones Jr defeats Tyson +500 +350
Draw N/A +800

The Tyson KO prop really underscores the mystique surrounding Iron Mike’s knockout power.

It also articulates a constant theme of underestimating Jones Jr on his knockout power and seeing a judge’s decision as his likeliest means of victory.

The idea of the knockout in this fight has been hotly discussed in the last few days with the state governing body claiming there would be no knockouts allowed, which was met with uproariously negative reactions from boxing social media.

This has seemingly since been workshopped and now the KO component has returned to Tyson vs Jones Jr. There is seemingly a perceptual divide between the promoters and state regulators on how this fight will go which creates a nebulous picture heading into the contest.

To coincide with my prior prop picks, I do not see the action being halted inside the distance here. I think if Tyson were to get it done, it’d be in the second or third round. But, I think Roy Jones Jr will weather the early onslaught.

It will start to sway his direction in the middle rounds. I think he’ll dictate the pace for the remainder of the fight from that mid-point after some early, ferocious combo attacks from Iron Mike Tyson.

Pick: Jones Jr defeats Tyson via decision (+350)

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