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Props for Joshua vs Ruiz Jr: Odds on Method of Victory & Round Betting

Ryan Bolta

by Ryan Bolta in Boxing

Updated Apr 21, 2020 · 8:37 AM PDT

Anthony Joshua
Anthony Joshua is heavily favored in his fight against Ruiz Jr. Photo by Karl-Ludwig Poggemann (flickr).
  • Anthony Joshua (22-0, 21 KO) puts his perfect record on the line Saturday night against Andy Ruiz Jr (32-1, 21 KO)
  • The fight is being held at Madison Square Garden in New York
  • Joshua has ended three of his last eight fights in the seventh round

Fans at Madison Square Garden will get quite the treat Saturday night with the heavyweight bout between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr.

Online sportsbooks have you covered with some awesome props. I love three bets in particular – two of which are smart and sound investments, as well as one bet that could net you a boatload of cash.

Will Joshua-Ruiz Jr Go the Distance?

Will the Fight Go the Distance? Odds
Yes +400
No -600

Odds taken 05/31/19.

You don’t need me to tell you nothing is guaranteed in the world of betting. That said, betting against this fight going 12 full rounds is as close to a sure thing as you will find. It’ll cost you with the price sitting at -600, but consider it a short term investment you’ll cash in on in just a few days.

Joshua owns a 22-0 record and has 21 KO.  He doesn’t lose and evidently he doesn’t enjoy using all 36 minutes he has at his disposal. Saturday night’s opponent doesn’t finish fights early as often, but Ruiz Jr. is still 32-1 with 21 KO. When two big fighters with heavy hands meet on a big stage don’t overthink things. Pay the price and enjoy a profit Saturday night, even if it’s more modest than you might like.

Pick: No (-600) 

Method of Victory Odds

Method of Victory Odds
Anthony Joshua by KO, TKO or DQ -500
Anthony Joshua by Decision +400
Andy Ruiz Jr by Decision +1800
Andy Ruiz Jr by KO, TKO or DQ +2500
Draw +2800

Cross off any method of victory which makes reference to Andy Ruiz Jr. winning this fight, it just isn’t going to happen. His one loss came against Joseph Parker, a fighter that Joshua disposed of. While that fight was the only one on Joshua’s record that didn’t end in a KO, he still won the fight.

If you feel like getting wild, sprinkle some action on the draw, otherwise play it smart and take Joshua to win by KO, TKO, or DQ. The price is high, but will be well worth it in the end.

Pick: Anthony Joshua by KO or DQ (-500)

Round Betting Odds

Anthony Joshua – Round Betting Odds
Round 1 +900
Round 2 +750
Round 3 +700
Round 4 +700
Round 5 +700
Round 6 +750
Round 7 +900
Round 8 +1000
Round 9 +1400
Round 10 +1800
Round 11 +2200
Round 12 +3300
Anthony Joshua on Points +400
Draw +2800

The lottery ticket in all boxing prop bets comes in betting exactly when a fight will end. For my money, it’s the seventh round you need to focus on here.

The key to round betting is research. If you’re just throwing a dart at the board, head to the gas station and buy an actual lottery ticket instead. In combing through the evidence here, however, I zeroed in on a pattern I want to exploit. Eight fights ago Joshua moved from fighting tomato cans to legitimate fighters, so let’s cross out all fights before that time. In the eight fights we’re including, he’s stopped his opponent three different times in the seventh round. For those less skilled at math that’s 37.5% of the time.

Who knows if it’s a conscious effort to take the fight up a notch in the second half or if it’s simply when his opponents begin to fade, the reason doesn’t really matter. Paying +900 appears to be a bet worth exploring when you consider the ultra high value. I’m betting on history repeating itself and taking Joshua to win in the seventh by KO.

Pick: Round 7 (+900)

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