When Will the MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA Tour Return? See Estimated Dates for All Major Leagues

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred will be delaying the start of the 2020 season for at least another eight weeks, in accordance with governmental recommendations. Photo by Arturo Pardavila (wikimedia commons).
  • See the current status of all major sports leagues during the coronavirus pandemic
  • When will the NBA, MLB, NHL and other major pro sports return to action?
  • The table below displays the latest information

As coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, shutting down almost every major sport on the planet, main question on every sports fan’s mind right now is when will we see the next meaningful game, match, or race?

The table below displays the latest information for all major North American and European leagues, including the date of the last activity, their current status, and the estimated return date. Read this article to see a full list of which sports are still taking place during the outbreak.

Last update: April 6, 10:49 AM ET.

Estimated Return Dates for All Major Leagues

League Date of Last Game/Match/Race Current Status Estimated Return
ATP/WTA Tours (Tennis) Mar. 8 Suspended Not before June 8
Bundesliga (German Soccer) Mar. 11 Suspended Not before mid-May
EPL (English Soccer) Mar. 9 Suspended Approx. June 1
Formula 1 Dec. 1, 2019 Suspended Not before June 14
Indy 500 2019 Postponed Not before Aug. 23
Kentucky Derby May 4, 2019 Postponed Sep. 5
La Liga (Spanish Soccer) Mar. 10 Suspended Not before mid-May
Ligue 1 (French Soccer) Mar. 8 Suspended Not before mid-May
MLB Mar. 12 Suspended Likely mid-July
MLS Mar. 8 Suspended Not before May 10
NASCAR Mar. 8 Suspended Not before May 8
NBA Mar. 11 Suspended Likely mid-July
NFL Feb. 3 N/A Sep. 10
NHL Mar. 11 Suspended Likely mid-July
Olympics 2018 Postponed Likely 2021
PGA Tour Mar. 12 Suspended Not before June 4
Serie A (Italian Soccer) Mar. 12 Suspended No estimate
UFC Mar. 15 Suspended Not before April 18
XFL Mar. 8 Canceled Next season (no date set)

All dates in the table are in 2020 unless otherwise indicated.

The sections below provide ongoing updates on the major leagues in North America.


  • Apr. 4: The league is discussing playing the initial regular-season games in Spring Training facilities without fans, which could see the league return earlier than it otherwise would.
  • March 19: Pragmatists see late July or even early August as the likely date for Opening Day. The latest odds on an MLB game taking place by Aug. 1, 2020, were -140 for “Yes” and +100 for “No”.
  • March 16: Major League Baseball originally stated that it would be postponing Opening Day (originally scheduled for Mar 26) for “at least two weeks”, but the delay will now extend for at least eight weeks, per the statement below.



  • March 19: MLS has announced the season will not resume before May 10.

  • March 16: the last official statement from Major League Soccer was that it would not return for at least 30 days, but that will likely be extended to eight weeks in accordance with CDC recommendations.


  • March 19: NASCAR is aiming to make May 9 its triumphant return, hoping to run the races at Martinsville Speedway in Virginia as scheduled.


  • Apr. 3: The league is discussing potentially playing the entire postseason in Las Vegas with shortened rounds.

  • March 19: While mid-June remains a potential return date, oddsmakers don’t think the Association will be back before July, setting the odds at +115 that the first game takes place before July 1.
  • March 16: the NBA’s original month-long hiatus has been extended until at least June.


  • Apr. 5: Trump told the major-sport commissioners that the NFL should begin on time.


  • March 19: Like the NBA, above, the odds of the NHL returning before July 1 are not great. Currently the line is +110 that an NHL game takes place by July 1, 2020.
  • March 16: the NHL has not issued any recent statements on how long its hiatus will last. Unlike the NBA, no NHL players have tested positive yet. There is hope it could return earlier than the NBA even though the leagues share many arenas. But eight weeks is likely the minimum, again in accordance with CDC guidelines.


  • March 24: The IOC and Japanese government agreed to postpone the Olympics, saying they will take place no later than 2021.


  • April 6: The Open Championships has officially been canceled. New estimates on the first PGA event of the year are June 4-7 (Memorial in Dublin, OH).

  • April 1: The Open Championship is on the verge of being canceled, but nothing is official yet despite Golf Digest suggesting otherwise:

  • March 19: The next event that has not yet been canceled/postponed is the Charles Schwab Challenge, which runs from May 21-24 in Fort Worth, TX.
  • March 17: The PGA Tour has canceled events until at least May 10.
  • March 16: At least the next three events on the PGA tour have been canceled. The next event on the schedule that has not been officially canceled is the RBC Heritage in South Carolina on April 19.


  • April 6: News out of England is that June 1 continues to be the likely return date.

  • March 24: The English Premier League is aiming for a June 1 return date, though it officially remains suspended “indefinitely”.
  • March 20: La Liga chief Javier Tebas  stated today that he believe the major European leagues will be able to resume by mid-May. That would include La Liga (Spain), Ligue 1 (France), and Bundesliga (Germany). Based on the extent of the crisis in Italy, it’s unlikely that his comments extend to Serie A.


  • March 31: Wimbledon has officially been canceled.


  • March 16: The UFC was the last citadel to fall. The promotion announced today that all events will be postponed until at least UFC 249 on April 18, 2020.

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