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2019 Britain’s Got Talent Odds: Dave and Finn Listed as Favorites

Britain's Got Talent
Britain's Got Talent is back and better than ever. Photo by Chris McKenna (Wikimedia Commons) [CC License].
  • The 13th series of Britain’s Got Talent is well underway, with a slew of talent involved
  • An exciting array of entertainment is in the running this year, including musicians, magicians, and comedians
  • Frontrunner act Dave and Finn are leading in the polls. Are they worth a bet to win it all?

From a show that has outlasted many of its competitors, Britain’s Got Talent has become a premier entertainment elimination reality series. Other similar programs have come and gone, but fans have stuck around year after year on this one.

The series has given us multiple viral stars (we see you, Reuben Gray, and we’re still gutted you didn’t get that prize) as well as bona fide celebrities (yes, yes, we see you too, Susan Boyle). And even with Idol back and The Voice in the mix, no series gives us a better variety on talent. So who will take the prize this year?

Britain’s Got Talent Series 13 Odds

Who Will Win Series 13 of Britain’s Got Talent? Odds at BookMaker
Dave and Finn +275
Chapter 13 +500
Jonathan Goodwin +500
Flakefleet Primary School +1000
Siobhan Phillips +1000
4MG +1000
Mark McMullan +1300
Colin Thackery +1600
Field – Any Other Act Not Listed +1600
Kojo Anim +1700
Ben Hart +2500
X +2800

*Odds taken 05/29/19

With such a variety of acts to choose from, it’s interesting to see the odds already so stacked in the favor of Dave and Finn. The real reason they may be so in the lead is that this is a unique act filled with surprises, upping the ante to the irregular and breaking new ground.

Dave and Finn wowed since their audition, and the policeman and retired police dog duo certainly shattered expectations with their whole mind reading schtick. Fans seem to be enjoying not only the cute element of having an animal involved, but just how much prep work has gone into this act’s presentation.

A Dozen Bubbling Under

Even with Dave and Finn’s impressive holdover, it’s important to consider it’s quite early on in the season to be counting everyone else out in the prize running already. We’ve seen upsets on Talent before, but this year it does seem Dave and Finn have captured the attention of most of the public.

Looking at the other contestants, though, we have a fun and entertaining stable of options. Chapter 13, a London-based musical group made up of young teenage musicians has also made some serious traction. Given the impressive chops on these budding stars at such a young age, it’s easy to see them make a name for themselves.

We’ve seen upsets on Talent before, but this year it does seem Dave and Finn have captured the attention of most of the public.

And even though he’s on the older side of the competitors, escape artist Jonathan Goodwin has also impressive the show’s judges as well as fans with his unique spin on televised danger acts.

Man’s Best Friend

But even with David Blaine-quality escapism and One Direction-esque musicality in the running, you can’t underestimate how much human beings connect with and love man’s best friend. This leaves Dave and Finn as a surefire bet, making it clear why they’re so ahead in the polls even with so much talent also in the running.

After thirteen seasons, fans have seen it all before at this point. Well, almost. That’s just it: we haven’t seen a human and an animal connect in this level quite yet. There’s something mesmerizing and inspiring in the way that this dynamic duo are showing up on the program each week, and that’s going to get them places.

Pick: Dave and Finn (+275)

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