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Academy Awards Props – What/Who Will be Mentioned First: Australia Wildfires, Trump, Iran?

Which hot topic will be mentioned first at the 92nd Annual Academy Awards? "Photo by Prayitno (Flickr)
  • The 92nd Annual Academy Awards will be presented Sunday, February 9, 2020 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood
  • For the second year in a row, the awards is (as of yet) without an official host
  • With an ever-unpredictable Oscars ceremony, which hot topic will be mentioned first during the ABC telecast?

Movie lovers are on the edge of their seats with the upcoming presentation of the Academy Awards. With the Golden Globes ceremony now behind us, the Oscars are the next big event in Hollywood.

Though the nominations won’t even be officially announced until Monday, January 13, the upcoming ceremony already has audiences buzzing with anticipation surrounding the details of the ceremony.

Considering the planet is filled with a growing list of household names and worldwide events, there is plenty of fodder to be mentioned throughout the ceremony. The Academy Awards are always filled with a revolving list of hot topic conversation pieces mentioned during speeches and presentations, so it will be interesting to see which newsworthy topic is mentioned first.

Odds Who or What Will be Mentioned First During the Academy Awards Ceremony

Odd Odds
Australia Wildfires +150
Climate Change +250
Donald Trump +250
Iran and/or Iraq +500
Ricky Gervais +2000
Puerto Rico +2200
Greta Thunberg +3300
Harvey Weinstein +4500
Chet Hanks +5000

All odds taken Jan. 8

A Host-Free Affair

This year, for the second time in a row, the Academy Awards ceremony is set to proceed without any official host in place. Last year, the debacle that ensued after Kevin Hart accepted and then dropped out of the role was a bit of a headache. Thus, the show was presented without a host in place at all.

Typically, the big opening speech of the ceremony is where you would find the host poking fun at current events, politicians, and other people in the room.

Comedians such as Ellen DeGeneres or Billy Crystal were well known for starting the night off with a big roundup of comedic gems, pushing the buttons on current events, and mentioning the elephants in the room without hesitation.

While a decision is still in place about this year’s ceremonies, it’s most likely going to be a split duty affair where multiple celebrities are going to collectively split up the hosting honors.

Considering we don’t yet know who those presenters will be, guessing which topic will be mentioned first is tougher. But consider some topics are much more commonly mentioned in news media, socially, and in the entertainment sphere than others.

The Australian Connection

Easily the most relevant topic of the moment is the deadly wildfires occurring throughout Australia. The Oscars will be all said and done with in just over a month, but Australia’s fires have been happening since September 2019 and may sadly not be dealt with by early February.

Consider that a lot of Hollywood A-listers who will likely be present at the Oscars hail from Australia and this mention makes the most sense. It’s very easy to picture Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, or Chris Hemsworth appearing onstage to mention the horrific fires destroying their home country.

Other Hot Topics

Australia aside, the more broad topic of climate change is another item that could easily be mentioned. President Donald Trump’s denial of its existence would make for a two in one shot, as well.

On the lighter side, people may choose to chat about more humor-based topics, such as Ricky Gervais’ bold Golden Globes hosting speech, or even an off the cuff mention of Tom Hanks’ oddball son Chet.

But even with so many contenders, the immediate attention Australia needs is what Hollywood should– and likely will– focus on. If they’re smart, they’ll set up a donation hotline and have Hemsworth broodingly look into the camera to leverage his good looks for relief funds from the television audience.

Pick: Australia Wildfires (+150)

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