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Actors Who Could Be the Next James Bond (Updated)

Rose T.

by Rose T. in Entertainment

Updated Jan 17, 2018 · 9:39 AM PST


Although Daniel Craig hasn’t officially turned in his license to kill, the queue of contestants ready to replace him is tightening up. So once again we ask the question: who could be the next James Bond?

In many ways, the character embodies the glorified alpha male: devilishly handsome, stylish, and hard as a rock (or at least The Rock). Bond oozes sexual charm, with a killer instinct that says I will kick your @$$ on a moving train, get killed, then miraculously reappear in the middle of nowhere in the time it takes play an Adele song.

Strictly speaking, Bond cannot be played by any random actor. Daniel Craig rates higher with fans than any other Bond in franchise history, meaning any successor following in his footsteps would have some large shoes to fill. Which of Hollywood’s leading men fit the bill? Earlier this year we made some predictions. It’s time we reset the odds.

Updated odds to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond:

Damian Lewis: 2/1 (up from 5/2)

UK tabloid The Sunday Mirror recently reported that Lewis was given “an unofficial nod” should Craig step down from the helm. According to the article, Lewis is the producers’ top choice for the role. Then again, this is coming from the same source that said David Beckham was in the running to play the suave British spy. Maybe we won’t be seeing a “strawberry Bond” after all.

Idris Elba: 4/1 (down from 2/1)

Although the actor has stated several times that he hasn’t been approached by the franchise, Idris Elba remains a popular choice for the coveted role. Elba’s character on Luther has many of the same characteristics as Bond: smart, dangerous, and good-looking. Did we mention he’s one bad mutha*****? Punching a suspect in the face is Luther’s preferred DNA gathering technique. Elba would match Craig’s grit, and give the franchise a modern twist for the 21st Century.

Tom Hardy: 4/1 (up from 5/1)

Tom Hardy’s odds have improved, fueling further speculation that the Legend star could be ordering his dry martinis, shaken not stirred, sooner than later. Hardy is a fan favorite, having wowed audiences with knockout performances in The Dark Knight, Inception, and Mad Max: Fury Road. He’s also no stranger to action films, and looks pretty dapper in a suit.

Henry Cavill: 5/1

You may best remember Henry Cavill as Superman, but did you know that the young English actor was originally in the running to play Bond along with Daniel Craig? He certainly looks the part, and could fill Craig’s shoes nicely. Perhaps his starring in Guy Ritchie’s spy thriller The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is a stepping stone from Man of Steel to secret agent. The only big obstacle in Cavill’s way is commitment to DC Comics.

Michael Fassbender: 8/1 (down from 5/1)

Fassbender may be falling behind in the Bond race, but he is more than capable of playing 007. We know he has the class and the charisma (see Inglorious Basterds) and can pull off exciting action sequences (see X-Men: First Class). He also has this cool air about him that would match Bond’s chilly disposition. Whether or not Fassbender is actually interested in the role is another story.

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