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Bet on The Last Dance Episodes 9 and 10; Props on Viewership, Cigars Smoked and Odds Jordan Cries

Ryan Sura

by Ryan Sura in Entertainment

May 14, 2020 · 2:01 PM PDT

The Last Dance comes to an end on Sunday, May 17th with episodes 9 and 10. How can you bet on each episode?
  • Episodes 9 and 10 of The Last Dance will air at 9:00 PM ET on ESPN on May 17th
  • Odds are set at +135 that the final episode will attract over 6 million viewers
  • Read below to find out all the ways to bet on the last two episodes of The Last Dance this upcoming Sunday

ESPN’s The Last Dance documentary has been a bright light in the sports world in the last few months. Unfortunately for viewers, all good things must come to an end. The last two episodes are set to air on ESPN at 9:00 PM ET on May 17th.

Bettors were able to make unique wagers throughout the entirety of The Last Dance documentary. However, the newest odds released for the last two episodes pose some even more unique ways to bet on the documentary.

Check out all the options and best bets for the finale of the The Last Dance below.

The Last Dance  Episodes 9 and 10 Props & Odds

Episode 10 Average Viewership Odds
Under 6 Million -175
Over 6 Million +135
Episode 9 & 10 Metered Market Rating in Chicago Odds
Over 12 Market Rating -120
Under 12 Market Rating -120
First Person Shown Odds
Phil Jackson +150
Jerry Kraus +200
Scottie Pippen +300
Jerry Reinsdorf +400
Dennis Rodman +500
How many people will be shown with a cigar in mouth Odds
Over 3 Different People -120
Under 3 Different People -120
How many times will the “f” word be said? Odds
Under 2.5 Total “f” word -130
Over 2.5 Total “f” word -110
Will Michael Jordan be shown in a Wizards uniform Odds
No -200
Yes +150
Will Michael Jordan cry while being interviewed Odds
No -150
Yes +110

Odds taken May 14th

Expect a Ton of Viewers

According to ForbesThe Last Dance has averaged 5.6 million viewers over the airing of the first eight episodes on ESPN.  Although this is lower than the six million number listed by the oddsmakers, the final episode should hit a peak we haven’t seen yet.

The Last Dance averaged 6.1 million viewers for Episodes 1 and 2 and I believe the last episode will have the same hype, if not more, surrounding it. The main reason I believe the final episode will exceed an average viewership of six million is that the narrative for the 1997-98 season has already been written.

A person who has not watched the entire series can still watch the show and be able to follow the story. Although viewership has been down the last two episodes, I believe there will be a resurgence for the last two. The value to go under is not great at -175, so better to take the value with the over.

Best Bet: Over 6 Million (+135)

Cigars Galore for the 1997-98 Bulls

As we have seen throughout The Last Dance documentary, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls like to have a good time. At one point or another in the series, we have seen Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Phil Jackson, and Dennis Rodman with a cigar in their mouth.

These moments were usually captured during the celebrations of championships. The last episode will most likely celebrate the 1997-98 title, which will set a scene for a lot of shots to be taken with cigars in mouths.

Jordan had a big influence on his teammates, especially as a competitive veteran. We know Rodman and Pippen were always by his side, through the good and bad, which means they would celebrate with cigars when he did.

That would be three different people screened with a cigar, so we would need just one more to hit the over. That person could be Phil Jackson or maybe even Steve Kerr. Regardless, the over is the more likely scenario with a push being the worst case scenario.

Best Bet: Over 3 Different People (-120)

Jordan in a Wizards Uniform?

Most people forget that Jordan finished his career with the Washington Wizards in 2003. Not to mention, he was still quite dominant averaging 21.5 points per game in his two seasons with the Wizards. Even though The Last Dance is centered around the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls season we see flashbacks of important times during Jordan’s career.

Jordan’s stint with the Wizards was short and at the tail end of his career, but it was still important. I say this because he played with Washington after taking his second leave from the NBA. So, I believe this narrative will be able to fit in after the celebration of the 1997-98 season as a conclusion of the documentary series.

It seems like they are going in-depth on all aspects of Jordan’s life and career so there shouldn’t be any reason why they would not bring up his time in Washington. Moreover, they might not do a deep dive into Jordan’s time with the Wizards, but just a picture of him in a Wizards uniform is more than likely.

Best Bet: Yes (+150)

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