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The Last Dance Odds – All the Ways You Can Bet on the Documentary Surrounding Michael Jordan & the Bulls

Ryan Sura

by Ryan Sura in Entertainment

Apr 17, 2020 · 11:59 AM PDT

By SuperWikipediano (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
  • The highly anticipated ten-part documentary The Last Dance will start airing on ESPN on Sunday, April 19th
  • Odds are set at +300 for The Last Dance to win an Emmy Award
  • Read below to find all the different ways to bet on The Last Dance doc on Michael Jordan’s 1997-98 Bulls squad

As everyone is instructed to stay at home and quarantine during this COVID-19 pandemic, ESPN came up clutch by moving up the release date of The Last Dance  earlier than anticipated. The first two parts of the highly anticipated documentary are set to air on April 19th at 9 PM ET on ESPN.

This ten-part documentary will give viewers an in-depth look at the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls season, as the organization gave a film crew complete access behind-the-scenes for Michael Jordan’s last year as a Bull.

Since it’s the closest thing to live sports we might have for a while, you can bet on all sorts of things in the documentary.

The Last Dance Documentary Odds & Props

Win an Emmy Award? Odds
Yes +300
No -500
First Person to Be Shown Odds
Phil Jackson +300
Scottie Pippen +350
Kobe Bryant +400
Dennis Rodman +500
Magic Johnson +500
Deloris Jordan +800
Barack Obama +1000
Steve Kerr +1000
Bob Costas +1200
Charles Barkley +1400
Justin Timberlake +1400
Jerry Seinfeld +2000
Pat Riley +2000
Adam Silver +2500
Bill Clinton Impeachment Shown or Mentioned Odds
Yes -140
No +100
Jordan’s Game-Winning National Champ Shot Shown Odds
Yes -300
No +200
When Will Air Jordan Logo Be Seen? Odds
After 10 Minutes -200
Before 10 Minutes +150
Will “gambling” Be Said? Odds
Yes -200
No +150
Will “Sirius” Song Be Heard? Odds
Yes -500
No +300
Will “Space Jam” Be Said or Clip Shown? Odds
Yes -120
No -120
Will Barack Obama Tweet About the Documentary? Odds
Yes +200
No -300
Will Kobe Bryant Be Seen? Odds
Yes -300
No +200
Will LeBron James Be Seen? Odds
Yes -120
No -120
Will Michael Jordan Cry? Odds
Yes -120
No -120
Yankees World Series Champ. Be Shown or Mentioned Odds
Yes +100
No -140

Odds taken April 17th

Emmy Winning Producion?

This is an interesting prop bet for The Last Dance documentary. On the one hand, it has the potential to win an award of this prestige. The honesty, passion, and never seen before footage will make this ESPN’s most compelling watch since the OJ Simpson: Made in America series, which won an Oscar in 2017.

I could see this Michael Jordan documentary being nominated for an Emmy in the category of Outstanding Documentary Or Non-fiction Series.

The winner of this award in 2019 was Our Planet,  a nature documentary narrated by Sir David Attenborough on Netflix. Now, The Last Dance won’t have the vocal excellence of Attenborough, but will still possess a lot of the features that go into a winning documentary.

ESPN’s 30 for 30  was nominated in 2019, which means sports documentaries aren’t held to a lower standard. There is great value betting on this highly anticipated documentary to win an Emmy. If The Last Dance lives up to all the hype, I don’t see why it can’t win.

Bet: Yes (+300)

Sidekick Scottie Will Be Shown First

This bet would be pretty obvious if Michael Jordan was one of the options, but he isn’t. The person to be shown or speak first apart from Jordan will have to be someone who was a key supporter in his life. Moreover, someone who can give a concise description of MJ to leave viewers ready for more.

Scottie Pippen was Jordan’s right-hand man throughout their time together on the Bulls. Pippen was a great athlete, scorer and was fine being the second option behind Jordan while being an elite defender. In fact, Pippen seemed to always have Jordan’s best interest in mind.

In a quote from footage used in The Last Dance, Pippen says all we thought about in the fourth quarter was “cold beer”. He then turned to the camera and says: “We don’t want y’all filming us drinking no beer.” I think he always wanted to hide the vices the team had, especially due to rumors of how hard Jordan would go.

I think Deloris Jordan at +800 has great value. MJ’s mother could give great insight on her son to start the documentary. This is a really tough pick, but I believe Pippen is the safest bet and still possesses good value.

Bet: Scottie Pippen (+350)

Will Kobe, LeBron Be shown?

I believe both of these NBA superstars will be shown. Kobe has already been listed as a star who appears in the documentary, so that is pretty much a lock.

Kobe’s cameo is supposed to be a touching moment in The Last Dance. A legacy that will live forever and probably another inspirational quote to add to his extraordinary life.

I am almost sure LeBron will have a cameo at some point as well. Considering LeBron was touted as “The Second Coming” of Jordan, I am sure he will have something to say about how Jordan’s game impacted his life and development.

Lock both of these bets down. Kobe’s appearance doesn’t pose much value, but it is a sure thing so dump the brinks truck on that one.

Bet: Will Kobe be Shown: Yes (-300) & Will LeBron be Shown: Yes (-120)

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