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Big Brother 23 Finale Odds, Preview and Best Bet – Xavier Prather Heavily Favored to Win

JJ De La Torre

by JJ De La Torre in Entertainment

Sep 29, 2021 · 7:27 AM PDT

Big Brother 23 Finale
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  • The finale of Big Brother 23 airs on Wednesday, September 29 on CBS
  • The winner-announcing episode can also be viewed on streaming services that carry CBS content, including Paramount+
  • See below for picks on which of the three remaining houseguests will win the season, as well as odds for fan favorite houseguest

Well, Big Brother fans, the day is finally here. After three months locked inside the studio-kept Big Brother House, Season 23 of the reality show phenomenon will have its finale. This year, the prize is set at $750,000 US for the winner, a $250,000 increase from other Big Brother seasons.

With the stakes so high, it’s no surprise that there are many folks invested in seeing how the final episode of this season plays out. Having stuck around for nearly 40 episodes, loyal Big Brother fans are expected to turn out in numbers to see the results.

This season, fans were treated to 16 brand new houseguests, a summer chock full of entertainment, and a whole lot of drama. Would it be the same if it were any other way? Absolutely not. But only one houseguest can take home the prize. Let’s take a closer look at the remaining trio who have just spent their final sleep inside the Big Brother House.

Odds to Win Big Brother 23

Houseguest Odds
Xavier Prather -900
Azah Awasum +200
Derek Frazier +1200

All odds as of September 29

The Three Houseketeers

First up, Xavier Prather. Of the three Houseguests remaining, Prather had the best odds since the beginning of the season. Out of the gate, Prather was listed as the third favorite (behind since-evicted houseguests Brent Champagne and Kyland Young).

Prather certainly didn’t disappoint this season, showing cunning gameplay and making for fairly interesting television. His odds, at -900, show an extreme likelihood of his winning. But can he do it?

Behind Prather, at +200 is Azah Awasum. Awasum’s opening odds weren’t great, but she managed to stick around in the house right up to the finale. It just goes to show you that first impressions don’t mean everything. While Awasum was an unsuspecting player in this game, she’s sticking around to see if she can get that first place prize.

Lastly, Derek Frazier pulls up the rear with odds of +1200. Seemingly, nobody is expecting Frazier to take this prize. While his opening odds were almost neck and neck with Awasum, his attitude has made him unpopular among his fellow houseguests.

Given that the winner of Big Brother is determined by a vote of previously evicted houseguests, Frazier’s luck is set to run out on the finale. Prather’s game was the smoothest, making him the definite shoo-in for the championship.

Pick: Xavier Prather – (-900)

Odds to Win America’s Favorite Houseguest

Houseguest Odds
Tiffany Mitchell -125
Derek Xiao +155
Derek Frazier +600
Britini D’Angelo +2000
Kyland Young +2500
Azah Awasum +3500
Hannah Chaddha +3500
Xavier Prather +3500
Claire Rehfuss +4000
Christian Birkenberger +7000
Sarah Beth Steagall +7000
Alyssa Lopez +10000
Brandon French +10000
Brent Champagne +12000
Travis Long +12000
Whitney Williams +12000

Picking Favorites

Even more intriguing than finding out which of the remaining three houseguests will win the prize money is the category of America’s Favorite Houseguests.

After all, Big Brother is still a television show at the end of the day. And so, this category boils down to who turned out an entertaining performance, made audiences laugh, and still came out on the other side of the season looking like a decent human being.

In prior years, we’ve seen big personalities, showiness, and rude attitudes left behind when audiences have selected a Favorite Houseguest. Fans want charm, kindness, and charisma. But what they don’t want is an inflated ego.

The best odds for America’s Favorite Houseguest are currently for Tiffany Mitchell at -125. Mitchell leads the odds quite a bit, as fans loved her and expected her to carry through to the finale. When Mitchell was evicted on day 71 just two weeks ago, Big Brother fans were gutted.

Though Mitchell is no longer eligible in line for the prize money, she can still take home America’s Favorite Houseguest. While the prize money is much less at $50,000, it’s a major honor to take home that title.

Pick: Tiffany Mitchell – (-125)

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