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Big Brother 23 Odds, Preview and Picks – Brent Champagne Listed as Favorite

JJ De La Torre

by JJ De La Torre in Entertainment

Updated May 12, 2022 · 8:26 AM PDT

Big Brother 23 odds - Brent Champagne and Tiffany Mitchell
Who will come out of the Big Brother house a champion in it's 23rd season?
  • Season 23 of CBS’ Big Brother premiered on July 7, 2021, with 16 new houseguests entering the Big Brother House
  • The long-standing reality television staple went through a production overhaul this year in order to create a more diverse and inclusive environment for the houseguest contestants
  • Powerhouse host Julie Chen returned once again, having been at the Big Brother helm since the show’s 2000 debut

With summer comes many returning traditions and perennial favorites. But it’s not pink lemonade or fireworks we’re talking about. Baby, it’s Big Brother time once again!

Since the show’s 2000 debut on CBS, Big Brother has been a reality television staple. Like clockwork, as the school year finishes, the Big Brother House welcomes houseguests once again. And with new houseguests, live streams begin airing, and fan favorites start to emerge. So, who will reign supreme on this year’s season of Big Brother?

Odds to Win Big Brother 23

Contestant Odds
Brent Champagne +500
Kyland Young +700
Xavier Prather +700
Tiffany Mitchell +850
Claire Rehfuss +1000
Brandon French +1200
Derek Xiao +1200
Hannah Chaddha +1200
Travis Long +1400
Azah Awasum +1400
Christian Birkenberger +1400
Derek Frazier +1600
Alyssa Lopez +1600
Brittini D’Angelo +1600
Whitney Williams +2000
Sarah Beth Steagall +2000

Odds as of July 12th

After a 2020 slump that saw past favorite houseguests return for an all-stars season, we finally get a fresh batch of newcomers for this year’s season 23. While it’s always fun to see well-known houseguests return, last year’s reason was due to the impact of COVID-19.

Needless to say, Big Brother fans have been anticipating new personalities. Luckily, producers selected a great batch this time around. The contestants haven’t even been in the house for a full week quite yet, but Big Brother  fans have already begun picking favorites just as oddsmakers have respectively narrowed potential winners.

YouTube video

Likely Winners

The oddsmakers may be onto something here putting Brent Champagne at the top of the odds list. The 28-year-old flight attendant from Cranston, Rhode Island has a lot of charm and may end up being a great Big Brother competitor. While he didn’t squeak a win in the first Head of Household challenge, the self-proclaimed social butterfly holds a lot of promise in terms of strategy.

But it’s still early, of course. That said, 40-year-old Tiffany Mitchell is also showing early promise. The Detroit-based phlebotomist has a big personality and could be a sneaky sleeper player.

YouTube video

Typically, houseguests don’t anticipate the older players’ success. Meanwhile, their years of experience and wisdom rounds out a calculated game going on in the background. This year, Mitchell is the oldest houseguest. Watch out, houseguests.

Big Brother 23 Longshot & Best Bets

Sarah Beth Steagall has the worst odds of the cast at +2000. The 27-year-old forensic scientist from Florida is seen as quirky, sweet, and not much of a threat. But are her odds reasonable? Steagall may actually go all the way to the end. So, she’d still be a great bet given her current odds. Maybe the girl next door persona is all a rouse to deter houseguests from considering her an actual threat.

YouTube video

Another decent longshot is 23-year-old contractor assistant Christian Birkenberger from Connecticut. While the big blue eyes may help him seem more innocent at first appearance, Birkenberger likely has some tricks and secrets up his sleeve that will lead to a strong strategy and decent gameplay.

Ultimately, it will be a month before we find out this year’s crowning winner of Big Brother Season 23. In past years, the winning houseguests typically shine from the first episode, either evidently as a strong competitor or secretly to viewers while hiding their strengths from fellow competitors.

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16 enter, but only one can win. And this year, I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s Tiffany Mitchell’s year. Considering the houseguests vote between the top two, even if Champagne makes it to the end, it’s time for something new. Following Cody Calafiore’s win last year at Big Brother 22, the public is justified in wanting something different from another straight white guy to walk away with the win. Mitchell’s bonus years of life experience are going to pay off.

Pick: Tiffany Mitchell (+850)

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