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Updated Odds to Win Big Brother 22 – Cody Calafiore Huge Favorite Heading Into Finale

JJ De La Torre

by JJ De La Torre in Entertainment

Updated Mar 4, 2021 · 2:12 PM PST

  • After 13 eliminations, only three houseguests remain in the Big Brother house
  • With only two days left in the house, the winner of Season 22 of Big Brother will be announced on the October 28 finale
  • Cody Calafiore’s odds have been the best since the season began. We examine his odds of winning as the finale approaches.

When we last checked in about Season 22 of Big Brother, heartthrob Cody Calafiore was slated for a win. Cody’s odds for this season have been the best since August. He opened as the favorite.

Now, after 13 other contestants have been eliminated, Cody remains in the final three. With the fast-approaching finale airing on October 28, does Cody still have the best shot of winning? Let’s find out.

Odds for Winner of Big Brother Season 22

Contestant Odds
Cody Calafiore -225
Enzo Palumbo +225
Nicole Franzel +550

Odds taken Oct. 23

In the past few episodes, we’ve seen Big Brother 22 play out almost as the odds predicted. Cody Calafiore and Enzo Palumbo had the best odds, but Nicole Franzel’s were the worst of the top six. Now, she remains in the house with a surprising twist that saw Memphis Garrett, Christmas Abbott, and Tyler Crispen all saying goodbye to the Big Brother house.

With Palumbo sitting in limbo facing elimination for the next episode, one houseguest will join him. The third competitor goes right onto the finale. That final competition is going to be crucial for Nicole and Cody to help to secure their fate.

As we know, Cody is the competition king. If he continues his winning streak, he’s a surefire bet to win.

Cody Crosses His Fingers

While he may have felt like a lock to win Big Brother the first time he played Big Brother six years ago, Cody knows better than to count his chickens before they hatch. Playing the game for a second time now, Cody knows that in the game of Big Brother, anything can happen.

Even right down to the last minute, this entire show can flip on its head. But, his gameplay this year has been smart. In a savvy way, Cody has been likable enough not to be voted out while being successful enough with strategy to not be too much of a target.

The Final Three

Naturally, Cody must secure wins against the other two players before taking home the half-million dollar prize money. His remaining competitors are Enzo Palumbo and Nicole Franzel.

Franzel, on paper, has the best chance to win. She’s played the game twice before, even winning Big Brother Season 18 a few years back. But Nicole isn’t as well-liked in the house as much as Cody is. And, since the final vote for the winner is made up of a jury of previously evicted houseguests, popularity actually counts in Big Brother at the end of the day.

That’s also why Enzo doesn’t make a good pick to win either. Cody has universal likability. The other two contestants are fun for viewers to watch and certainly had their allies in the house. But Cody is the one in the group that nearly everyone can agree on. He’s the only remaining contestant that fans and his fellow housemates alike want to see taking home the prize.

Pick: Cody Calafiore (-225)

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