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Update Odds to Win Big Brother 22 – Cody Calafiore Remains Favorite in Final Six

JJ De La Torre

by JJ De La Torre in Entertainment

Oct 8, 2020 · 12:51 PM PDT

  • This year’s season of Big Brother brought back fan favorite contestants for an all-stars competition
  • The winner of Season 22 of Big Brother will be announced on the October 28 finale
  • Read below to see if it’s worth sticking with the best odds or betting on a longshot houseguest

This year’s season of Big Brother has been one for the books. For only the second time in its 22-year history, CBS elected to do an All-Stars season. Sixteen fan favorite houseguests moved into the Big Brother House on August 5 and ten have now been eliminated.

With only half a dozen houseguests remaining, the clock is ticking as to who will become the winner of Big Brother Season 22. Will boy next door Cody Calafiore be crowned champion? Or will a longshot like Nicole Franzel or Tyler Crispen sneak a victory?

Odds for Winner of Big Brother Season 22

Contestant Odds
Cody Calafiore +130
Enzo Palumbo +150
Memphis Garrett +350
Christmas Abbott +650
Tyler Crispen +650
Nicole Franzel +1200

Odds taken Oct 8

Cody Forever

When the odds opened on this season, Calafiore was an early favorite. Two months later, he not only managed to stay in the game but his odds have remained the best of anyone in the Big Brother House this year.

The New Jersey realtor previously won second place in 2014’s season 16 of the show. Since he entered the house again this August, he’s been the one to watch. Cody has won three Head of Household competitions and an additional three power of veto challenges so far this season.

Even more impressively, on weeks he hasn’t been immune, Cody hasn’t even been nominated for potential eviction. The man knows how to play the game. He’s so likable that his fellow competitors don’t want him out of the house, even if he is such a big threat as a probable winner.

Just behind Cody is fellow New Jersey native Enzo Palumbo. The 42-year-old insurance adjuster has proven to have game skill as well. His opening odds of +1200 (versus Cody’s then +550) illustrated that many thought Enzo wouldn’t last this long in the house. Boy were they wrong.

Even if he did get third place last time he played Big Brother, Enzo is promising to make it to the end this time around. With only one Head of Household and one Veto, Enzo has also never been nominated for eviction.

Long Shots

Of the remaining four houseguests still left in the game, Nicole Franzel has the worst odds. While her early gameplay was very good, she’s been nominated the past two weeks. She’s snuck away victorious so far, but she’s on deck to leave the game soon. Sorry Nicole.

Christmas Abbott opened with lukewarm odds, but she’s stayed in the game longer than those who had better opening odds than her. As part of the top six, her odds are still not great. But if the rest of the house teams up to get Cody and Enzo out, she has a chance.

Outside of the top two, though, Memphis Garrett is poised to take home the prize. With three Head of Household wins to his credit, he’s proven to be a massive player. This Florida restaurant owner has good game. Laying low as a more stealth threat than the obvious favorites may play out in his favor.

All of this considered, Cody is still the favorite for a reason. His gameplay uses just the right amounts of physical strength, social skill, and strategy. He has kept up this combination for over two months already and with such a small window of time left, he’s going to take it home.

Pick: Cody Calafiore (+130)

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