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Odds to Win Big Brother 22 – Cody Calafiore Opens as Favorite

JJ De La Torre

by JJ De La Torre in Entertainment

Updated Mar 18, 2021 · 7:44 AM PDT

Big Brother
Julie Chen arrives at the 42nd annual Daytime Emmy Awards at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, Calif. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File)
  • Season 22 of Big Brother is bringing back fan-favorite HouseGuests for a season of All-Stars
  • The season was delayed by six weeks due to Covid-19 but ended up premiering on August 5
  • Which returning HouseGuest will take the prize? See best bets and odds below

Reality TV junkies, grab your best throw cushion. Get ready to settle into your couch for hours and hours of live streams. For the second time in American Big Brother history, fan-favorite competitors are returning to the house for a season of All Stars.

In the Covid-19 climate, it just made sense to have previously vetted competitors return for this season. CBS already knows and loves these competitors having worked with them before. Given how touch and go everything has been in a year of uncertainty, it’s understandable to take the tried and true road rather than unknown territory.

Plus, nothing jazzes fans of a series up than banking on what they already know and love. Big Brother fans are stoked on seeing familiar faces this summer. With 15 HouseGuests presently locked inside the fishbowl once again, who is slated to win?

Odds on Winner of Big Brother 22

HouseGuest Odds
Cody Calafiore +550
Da’Vonne Rogers +650
Daniele Briones +700
Memphis Garrett +700
Nicole Franzel +900
Ian Terry +1000
Nicole Anthony +1000
Tyler Crispen +1000
Bayleigh Dayton +1200
Christmas Abbott +1200
Enzo Palumbo +1200
Janelle Pierzina +1400
Kaysar Ridha +1400
Kevin Campbell +1400
David Alexander +1600

Odds taken Aug. 14.

It’s been 14 years since the first and only previous round of Big Brother: All-Stars. This isn’t something CBS does on the regular, so that makes the stakes extra high this year. With so many well-known HouseGuests taking a second (or even third) shot in the Big Brother house, it’s going to be a hell of a season.

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Competitors range from as early as season six and as recent as last year. Some took the prize previously, and others came in last place. A second shot at $500,000 is nothing to sneeze at. So let’s look at what it takes to win Big Brother in the first place.

The Keys to Win

Winning Big Brother takes some skill, some luck, and a whole lot of manipulation. For 21 seasons, Americans have entered the house 15 or 16 at a time. But only one person can win.

Newcomers easily get caught up in the game’s distractions like finding romance, drama, or becoming a pawn in other players’ games. Having been through it before and returning to the game as repeat HouseGuests, this batch of All-Stars comes slated with a newfound position of experience.

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Agent: Cody

Taking a look at HouseGuests who came close to winning last time around seems like an obvious way to see who can be even more successful this year and finally snag that prize. So it’s easy to understand why Cody Calafiore has the best opening odds.

Calafiore, the 29-year-old soccer coach last seen in Season 16 of Big Brother came oh so close to winning in his season. He lost out to his ally member and co-star Derrick Levasseur in a 7-to-2 final vote from evicted HouseGuests.

That vote may look bad, but keep in mind Cody’s competitor was just that beloved by the rest of the house. Cody was a fan favorite last time and is still one of the most renowned HouseGuests to date. With a few more years of experience under his belt, he’s in a great position.

With Cody’s physical strength, charming persona, and cunning gameplay, he’s a great bet. He already won the first Head of Household competition this year. He’s on a good track already, but he’ll have to take down 14 others to win.

The Fourteen HouseGuests of the Apocalypse

Another one to watch is Nicole Franzen. Small yet mightily, Nicole has proven twice in the past that she’s got a lot of bite despite her seemingly meek image.

Franzel may have only placed seventh in her first shot of Big Brother in season 16, but her comeback was impressive. Nicole was one of four returning houseguests who appeared in season 18. She won that season.

Additionally, Ian Terry is back, eight years after winning season 14. Though being a previous winner may put a target on Terry, he has proven before he has the stealth moves to slide into first place.

But even with these and other competitors in the midst, you can’t deny the potential Calafiore brings to the Big Brother game. He was so close last time, and this year he’s going to kick that goal and win this thing.

Pick: Cody Calafiore (+550)

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