Doctor Who Odds: Jodie Whittaker Named 13th Doctor

Jodie Whittaker named next Doctor Who
Photo Credit: BBC

Doctor Who?!

Following Roger Federer’s landmark eighth Wimbledon title, the BBC released some groundbreaking news of its own. Jodie Whittaker was revealed to be the next regeneration of the lovable Time Lord. She’ll be the 13th Doctor, and the first ever female cast in the role. The 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi, will hand over the reigns during the Christmas special this year.

This Christmas brings about a complete overhaul. Not only will we get a new lead, Doctor Who will be shedding its current showrunner and there’s an opening for a new companion.

The long-running franchise is headed into unchartered waters and these are exciting times for Whovians. What does the future hold? Without access to the TARDIS, we can only guess!


Over/Under years Whittaker plays The Doctor: 3.5 years

Peter Capaldi became The Doctor on Christmas Day 2013 and will hand over the role to Whittaker on Christmas Day of this year, ending a four-year stint. Before him, Matt Smith played The Doctor for three years and David Tennant played host to the Time Lord for five.

A female Doctor opens up a new world for the series; hopefully the show gives Whittaker enough time to explore it.

Odds the first companion is male: 1/1

It’s been hinted that the Series 10 companions, Nardole and Bill Potts, won’t be returning after the Twelfth Doctor leaves. But the door is still open for their return.

While the companions in the last few years have been mostly female, there have been plenty of men taking on the role as well. With a female Doctor, the whole “heroic male doctor and attractive female companion” dynamic is tossed out the window, but there’s no reason why Whittaker’s companion needs to be male or female.

Odds Whittaker wins at least one “Best Actress” BAFTA as The Doctor: 7/1

While the show has won eight BAFTAs, the “Best Actor” (and obviously “Best Actress”) category remains unclaimed. Matt Smith was nominated in 2011 and David Tennant won “Best Actor” at the lesser BAFTA Cymru (BAFTA Wales), but a Doctor has never actually taken home the coveted prize.

Voters love to be progressive, at times, though. Whittaker could land another first for the franchise.