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iPhone 7 Odds – This is Update 1s

Trevor Dueck

by Trevor Dueck in Entertainment

Jun 28, 2016 · 10:34 AM PDT

With the new Apple iPhone 7 set to come out in September of 2016, we decided to update our initial odds and predictions on what’s be coming down the pipe for the popular hand-held device. Call this “update 1s.”

We haven’t seen a new iPhone since … last year, so your iPhone 6, 6 Plus, or 6s is already obsolete. If you have the 5s, you may as well hand in your Apple card, because your technology is already being used in kids toys.

In anticipation of the newest device from the Apple tree, here are the latest odds and predictions regarding the little phone that could … er, make that, “the giant phone that always will.”

2016 iPhone Odds:

How many iPhones will be released in 2016?

  • Two: 9/11
  • Three: 3/2 (there are rumors of an iPhone Pro)
  • One: 19/1

What will the next iPhone be called?

  • iPhone 7: 13/7
  • iPhone 7 Plus: 2/1
  • iPhone Pro: 3/1
  • iPhone 7shhhh … it’s the 6s with a new name: 150/1

Odds that the next iPhone will have a similar design to iPhone 6s: 1/3

Odds that the next iPhone will have a complete redesign: 3/1

Odds that a new design will come with the iPhone 8: 11/9

Odds the next iPhone will feature wireless charging: 3/2

Odds the next iPhone…

  • will have no headphone jack: 1/19
  • will have a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack: 19/1
  • will connect to headphones via “Lightning port”: 1/19
  • will have redesigned antenna bands: 3/2
  • will have an upgraded processor: 1/4
  • will have a longer earpiece cutout on the front: 2/3
  • will have an ambient light sensor: 2/3
  • will have twin speakers: 1/1
  • will have a higher screen resolution (401 pixels per inch as the standard on all phones): 9/11
  • will have more storage space: 1/19
  • will have a USB-C port: 3/1
  • will have better waterproofing material and design: 4/1

Odds the next iPhone’s screen will be/feature…

  • an edge-to-edge screen: 2/3
  • a curved display: 13/7
  • a flexible display: 30/1
  • a 3D screen: 35/1

Odds that the next iPhone will include Lightning-equipped EarPods with purchase: 7/13

Odds a dual-lens camera will be included…

  • on just the iPhone 7 Plus: 9/11
  • on just the iPhone Pro: 2/1
  • on just the iPhone 7: 15/1
  • on all iPhone 7 designs: 25/1

Odds the dual-lens camera will be provided by/based on …

  • LG Imaging: 3/17
  • LinX technology: 9/1
  • Sony technology: 19/1

Odds on the most common complaint about the next iPhone:

  • no standard 3.5 mm headphone jack: 2/1
  • too similar to the iPhone 6s: 7/3
  • price: 7/3
  • battery life: 20/1
  • storage capacity: 50/1

Over/under on how many new iPhones Apple will sell on “opening weekend”: 14.5 million o/u

MacHead Props

Odds that MacHeads will burn their iPhone 6s in an elaborate ceremony as a sacrifice to the Steve Jobs deity: 3/1

Odds that MacHeads will finally realize that there are other phones on the market that do the same thing as the iPhone, have better features, and are less expensive: 99/1

Odds that MacHeads will realize that they are part of a cult: 49/1

Odds that any MacHead will care about the above props: 50/1

Photo Credit: Jan-Willem Reusink Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jimmybenson/15532581886

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