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iPhone 7 Odds – Jacking the Headphone Jack?

Randy McInnis

by Randy McInnis in Entertainment

Updated Jan 17, 2018 · 9:39 AM PST

Want to hear the least surprising thing ever? Apple is going to launch a new iPhone this year, just like they’ve done every year for the past, I dunno, eternity.

Actually, Apple might do more than launch one new face-talker. The company has a habit of releasing a standard-sized model and a larger version, but this year could see as many as three new iPhones on the market.

If Apple does release three new iPhones, I hope you don’t go out and buy all of them. But you know somebody will. And it’ll probably be you. 🙁

With the advent of new phones, rumors abound regarding innovations, features, and nomenclature. For instance, the new iPhone might not have a headphone jack, which would allow it to be even thinner and send one more wire the way of the VHS. Or headphones might only connect via the Lightning port.

The new offering may also feature wireless charging. (According to Michael Grothaus, Apple’s filed a patent for a wireless charger.)

Given the popularity of the larger-screen options, there’s a chance that Apple will skip the standard 4.7-inch version and jump straight to an “iPhone 7 Plus” with a 5.5-inch screen. Or they could do the exact opposite and start with a four-inch “iPhone 7 Mini.”

Lastly, there are a handful of rumors about 3-D screens, dual-lens cameras, and curved displays for the next “Plus” version of the popular handset.

Some of the above is more likely than the rest, but one thing is for certain: the public is going to purchase the new handset at a pace. Each new iPhone has a habit of outselling its predecessor, and Apple moved more than 13 million units of the iPhone 6s (and 6s Plus) on opening weekend in 2015.

Actually two things are for certain: just like last year, we’re going to set the odds on the orchard’s next harvest.

2016 iPhone Odds:

How many iPhones will be released in 2016:

Two: 1/2
Three: 3/1
One: 9/1

When will the next iPhone(s) be released:

Fall 2016: 2/3
Summer 2016: 5/2
Spring 2016: 8/1

What will the next iPhone be called:

iPhone 7: 1/4
iPhone 7 Plus: 6/1
iPhone 7 Mini: 18/1

Odds the new iPhone will feature wireless charging: 5/4

Odds the new iPhone …

will only connect to headphones via the Lightning port: 3/2
will have a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack: 3/2
won’t have a headphone jack: 4/1

Odds the next iPhone Plus will have a 3D screen: 10/1

Odds the next iPhone Plus will have a curved display: 5/1

Odds the next iPhone Plus will have a dual-lens camera: 2/3

Odds the dual-lens camera will be provided by/based on:

Sony technology: 3/1

LinX technology: 1/3

Over/under on how many new iPhones Apple will sell on “opening weekend”: 14.5 million o/u

Odds on the most common complaint about the next iPhone:

incompatibility with standard 3.5 mm headphones: 5/2
price: 4/1
battery life: 6/1
storage capacity: 6/1 [Both storage and battery-life should be improved, maybe even on base models, according to MacRumors.com.]

(Photo credit: Kārlis Dambrāns (flickr) [https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode].)

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