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Eminem and Jimmy Kimmel Leading Favorites to Host 2021 Oscars; Donald Trump Given 100-1 Odds

Eminem in concert
Eminem has become the top favorite to host the Oscars should the ceremony use a host in 2021. Photo by DOD News Features (Wiki Commons).
  • The idea of who will hold the position of 2021 Oscars Host is already being contemplated by many
  • Will the Oscars go without a host for yet another year to come?
  • Who is the likeliest bet for assuming the role of 2021 Oscars Host?

Discussions surrounding the 2021 Oscars Host has already begun. The 2020 Oscars are barely in the rearview but some oddsmakers are already speculating towards next year’s big show. There seems to be a pretty widespread sentiment that the Oscars should return to having a host.

Though they’ve had performers introduce certain people/guide some parts of the show, there has not been a formal host for the last couple of years at The Oscars. Presidents, A-list actors, and rappers alike are all being considered. Check out the odds for likeliest options on the 2021 Oscars Host and my analysis of it all below.

2021 Oscars Host Odds

Possible Host Odds
No official host -175
Eminem +700
Jimmy Kimmel +900
Will Smith +1200
Meryl Streep +1400
Ricky Gervais +1400
Joaquin Phoenix +1600
Leo Di Caprio +1600
Betty White +3300
Donald Trump +100000

Odds taken Feb 10.

The 2019 Oscars proceeded without a host as more of a last-minute, pseudo-last resort kind of gesture. This was after would be host Kevin Hart became mired in controversy at the time. I think it’s pretty safe to say we can eliminate Donald Trump from the 2021 Oscars Host consideration. Though I imagine he would want the position just for another chance to have all eyes on him, I can’t see those behind The Oscars picking him. Largely due to the diametrically opposed political viewpoints.

2021 Oscars host

For names like Dicaprio, Phoenix, Streep, and White, they strike me as personalities who enjoy being featured speakers or presenters but not as people who would want to oversee an entire award show’s hosting obligations. Of these names, it’s understandable why Streep is the most favored. I could see her hosting in a way where the subtext is more aligned with the idea of “hey, we’re all pricks for liking this and being here but let’s have fun with this awards show”. That being said I don’t see any playful Streep subtext for the 2021 Oscars in a hosting role.

Gervais kind of eliminated himself from the running due to his last hosting performance. At the 2020 Golden Globes, Gervais poked fun at self-important, self-aggrandizing people in a way that seemed to bother the general Hollywood ideological sensibilities. Will Smith seems like a guy that would be a good fit for something like this. I just don’t know about where his interest level would be at with that. Smith does have a bit of a seemingly contentious relationship with the Oscars/ the team behind it and has not attended past awards shows over a perceived lack of diversity.

Rappers and Broadcasters

The buzz around Eminem as the 2021 Oscars Host seems largely because of his surprise performance at this year’s show. At the 2020 Oscars, many were surprised to see Eminem come out to perform a song that’s over 17 years old. The performance of his ubiquitously known song “Lose Yourself” resulted in residual sales for his latest album which sent Music To be Murdered By up to number one on a variety of charts including on iTunes.

Though Eminem hosting a show like this would be a sight to behold, I don’t see it coming to fruition. Though Eminem has big pop-culture visibility, I can’t see him hosting a show like this. A rapper like him would probably see something like The Oscars as puerile and cornball despite Eminem being such a pop music entity for the last number of years.

The likeliest option for my money is Jimmy Kimmel. This seems like something in his immediate wheelhouse but it’s something he can put his own unique stamp on. Kimmel does well in these kinds of spaces. It doesn’t come off as hacky and cornball when he does it as compared to some other similar broadcasting personalities in this type of sphere.  Jimmy Kimmel is my pick for 2021 Oscars Host.

 Pick for the 2021 Oscars host: Jimmy Kimmel (+900)

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