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Sportsbook Releases Odds on Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Admitting They’re Dating

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston dating
Photos from the SAG Awards have the internet buzzing about Pitt and Aniston getting back together. Photo credit to @THR (Twitter)
  • The idea of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston dating again has lit social media on fire
  • Do Pitt and Aniston reveal they’re a couple this calendar year?
  • Will the former married couple show up at the Oscars together?

In another iteration of the ’90s never dying, many are interested in Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston dating again. Interactions at the Screen Actors Guild Awards between the two have got the rumor mill working overtime. The two have a romantic timeline dating back to 1998, married in 2000, and divorced in 2005.

Though it has been well over a decade since they were together, the two are still topical pop culture figures and people are still trying to “ship them” (as the kids say). Scroll below for the odds on if they end up announcing they’re a couple this year, the odds on the two going to the Oscars on a date, and my analysis of it all.

Odds Pitt/Aniston Admit to Dating by Dec 31st, 2020

Outcome Odds
Yes +300
No -500

Odds taken Jan. 20

Speculation has run rampant this awards show season about Pitt and Aniston with a specific focus on Brad Pitt’s dating life. Photos of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston holding hands and embracing each other in a joyful fashion at the SAG awards were prevalent on social media right away. The body language of Aniston touching Pitt’s arms as well as Brad holding onto Jennifer’s wrist has some theorizing that there’s still some romantic energy there. However, I don’t think these two will get back together and indulge the millennial curiosity surrounding these two becoming a couple again.

The Flame Does Not Get Rekindled

The two have certainly been friendly and supportive of one another as of late. Since their marriage dissolved, both Pitt and Aniston were remarried and also subsequently divorced those partners. Since Brad Pitt split from Angelina Jolie, it seems like him and Aniston have warmly embraced each other and linked up for Christmas parties as well as for birthday gatherings.

The two actors raked in some trophies at the recent SAG Awards where the Pitt/Aniston couple talk was renewed and sent into overdrive. The video of Brad Pitt watching Jennifer Aniston’s acceptance speech via a backstage monitor has people reveling in the ’90’s nostalgia of it all.

Aniston has responded to this video and has called it “so sweet”. She dismissed the rumors of the rekindled romance and actually referred to it as “hilarious”. Pitt has referred to Aniston as “a good friend”. The two seem to have a good rapport with each other but are also looking to temper the talks surrounding them being romantically linked again.

It seems like the two are dismissing the dialogue as typical tabloid fodder. Pitt indicated this awareness in a prior situation where he joked about how he can’t even bring his mom on the red carpet because people will posit that they’re dating.

Odds Pitt/Aniston Attend Oscars Together

Outcome Odds
Yes +900
No -2000

To that prior point, I don’t think the two will step out on a red carpet together. Even if hypothetically they were to get back together, I think the announcement would just organically pop up one day. They would be spotted out running an errand or something as opposed to doing this performative relationship reveal at a high profile awards show. My feeling is that they will not attend the Oscars together. I also don’t think they will admit to being together at any point in the year 2020.

Admitting to dating pick: No (-500)

Attending Oscars together pick: No (-2000)

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