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Odds Say Brad Pitt Won’t Bring a Date to Oscars, Won’t Hug “Good Friend” Jennifer Aniston on Camera

Ann Le Grand

by Ann Le Grand in Entertainment

Jan 9, 2020 · 10:59 AM PST

Brad Pitt
Will Brad Pitt hug his ex Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars? Photo by Meche1069 (Twitter).
  • What’s the real buzz about Brad Pitt?
  • We’re back to hearing Jen’s name alongside Brad’s. Is there bad blood or are they back to being hot-to-trot?
  • Oscars are coming! Who’s Brad’s likely date?

There’s been a lot of gossip about Brad Pitt as of late. He’s arguably one of the most notable household names (heck, I even heard two Italian men mention him outside a ballet studio today).

And while talks have stirred up questions about his personal affairs in hopes of pinning down the truth about the one who’ll make all the fantasies for all his onlooking-dreamers’ come true, come on… the paparazzi’s thirst and Brad Pitt’s love life? I dare you to name a more iconic duo.

Odds Brad Pitt Brings a Date to the Oscars

Result Odds
Yes +135
No -175

Maybe I’m cynical. Maybe people do just want to believe in love. And – I won’t lie – that would be an appealing change from the wave of public angst the papers have been pumping over the past few years (I’ll say it: since 2016). Problem is, those gutter press stories need a leading lady and Pitt’s admitted none.

The paparazzi’s thirst and Brad Pitt’s love life? I dare you to name a more iconic duo.

Not to worry. They dug up his past instead. And his past has a name: it’s Jennifer. Obvi. Well, also sometimes Angie. But hey, remember Gwyneth? They’re all back in the proverbial millrace spinning the stories of Brad’s heart. But mostly Jenny from the five-year-block of marriage they shared until their divorce in 2005.

Fans are pushing hard for the rekindling of Pitt’s and Aniston’s romance.

Fans are pushing hard for the rekindling of Pitt’s and Aniston’s romance and, boy, is the media belching out its natural gas all over that blaze, onto the red carpet, into the VIP after-parties, and probably sittin’ in the bushes with a processed-ham sammy outside Jen’s 50th birthday bash, which, yes, it seems Brad attended.

They’re still good friends, he says. Any bad blood has long since been shed and scattered, but the shutterbugs and rag mag writers are heaping up any and all remaining signs of that Brennifer zest.

Maybe it was just in Jen’s nature to maintain the friendship… you know, being a Friend. Sure, Brad did deem their post-show party connection to be her, “second most important reunion of the year,” piggy-backing on the comeback talks of her breakout-role show Friends, but was he tossing romantic fodder to the press wolves or offering a proud plug for his comrade’s accomplishments?

Here’s what sources say: they stayed on opposite sides of both the Beverly Hilton during the Golden Globes, they both arrived at the after-party, hugged, she whispered in his ear, and it was all done on a “low-key” level before Pitt made his early exit for the night. But tongues are still wagging over the chance they’ll reunite.

There is also talk that Pitt has a chance to tuck another little golden statue under his arm come the Oscars, but the internet would rather know whether or not he’ll have a date draped on the other? If this year’s Golden Globes serve as any indicator, he’s more likely to be wearing more endearing jokes on his sleeves than a mate.

Though it sounds like first dibs would go to his ma.

Pick: No (-175)

Odds Brad Pitt Hugs Jennifer Aniston on Camera During the Oscars

Will They Hug? Odds
Yes +500
No -900

A Love for All (Marketable) Seasons

So, why is Brad’s love life still such a thing? Well, probably because I don’t even want to count the decades of thirsty tabloid coverage he’s had to endure regarding his personal life. Good for Pitt for throwing a little shade their way once he got to talk (and cute that he stokes the flame of the real romance of the night – his bromance with LDC).

What should be more of a thing is Brad’s last line in his acceptance speech: “If you see a chance to be kind to someone tomorrow, take it. I think we need it.” But that just ain’t zingy enough for the tabloids.

They’d rather speculate a deeper level of meaning when Brad jokes about his “disaster of a personal life” in his interview with DiCaprio on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast.

Guys, this ain’t new. Brad’s a guy who can laugh at himself. We’ve seen him poke fun at his personal life before. But for those of you who still need to know whether Brad will hug Jen on camera at this year’s Oscars? The answer is: not unless it’s his chance to be nice for the day.

Pick: No (-900)

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