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Knives Out 2 Odds: Who Will be the Murderer in Glass Onion?

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by Graham "GSM" Matthews in Entertainment

Updated Oct 28, 2022 · 5:00 PM PDT

Knives Out 2: Glass Onion - Who will be murderer?
The not-so-happy family at the heart of "Knives Out" (from left): Don Johnson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans, K Callan, Ana de Armas, Christopher Plummer, Michael Shannon), Jaeden Lieberher, Riki Lindholm, Toni Collette and Katherine Langford. Knives Out Ko D10 04517 R Rgb
  • Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery will hit theaters November 23, 2022
  • The film will follow a similarly exciting formula as its predecessor
  • Who do the odds favor being revealed as the mystery murderer?

Knives Out was a financial and critical success upon its release in November 2019 and thus the announcement of a follow-up film was not at all surprising. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, a.k.a. Knives Out 2, will hit theaters for a limited time over Thanksgiving weekend in late November before Netflix-exclusive on December 23.

The first film dealt with the mystery of finding the identity of Harlan Thrombey’s killer and their motivation for doing so. From Chris Evans to Jamie Lee Curtis to Don Johnson, it featured a star-studded cast and the sequel will be no different.

Here are the betting odds for who is currently favored to be revealed as Glass Onion’s grand antagonist.

Knives Out 2 Murderer Odds

Character/Actor Odds
Miles Braun (Edward Norton) +300
Cassandra ‘Andi’ Brand (Janelle Monae) +450
Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) +600
Duke Cody (Dave Bautista) +600
Lionel Toussaint (Leslie Odom Jr.) +650
Claire Debella (Kathryn Han) +700
Birdie Jay (Kate Hudson) +750
Peg (Jessica Henwick) +800
Whiskey (Madeleine Clyne) +900

Odds as of Oct. 28.

Miles Braun and Cassandra Brand Favored to Be the Murderer

Mere weeks out from the film’s release, very little is known about the plot and the characters, which will only add to the anticipation for it. In addition to the excellent acting and character work, its predecessor was at its best when it was giving viewers on their toes with constant twists, turns and surprises.

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Edward Norton is one of the most notable names in the cast and could play the role of antagonist with ease if Miles Braun is revealed to be the main murderer as the betting odds currently suggest. There’s not much else to go off for his character based on the marketing for the film so far, but Norton should never be considered a bad choice.

Janelle Monae’s Cassandra ‘Andi’ Brand trails Braun in the odds at +450 and is a safe bet as well, especially since nothing we’ve seen indicates it will be her. However, that’s exactly why she should be toward the top of the list; the first film was famous for its fake-outs and Brand turning out to be the big bad for this one would make total sense.

Dark Horses to Be Knives Out 2 Murderer

Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc and Dave Bautista’s Duke Cody are two excellent dark horse picks to be the murderer. Craig stole Knives Out with his outstanding performance as Blanc, the head detective, and it would be a fitting twist for him to be the one who orchestrated the murder for Glass Onion to ensure he had a case he could solve.

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Bautista, who previously worked with Craig in 007’s Spectre in 2015, has his own experience portraying a villain. He was a henchman in the aforementioned film and also thrived as a pro wrestling “heel” during his WWE days.

Realistically, anyone listed is a viable contender because of how unpredictable and fun the first film was. Go into Glass Onion expecting the unexpected and prepare to be entertained. The bar has been set high by the original but the sequel has a strong chance of matching if not topping it.


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