Odds to Win Masked Singer Season 3 – Frog Listed as Heavy Favorite

Masked Singer
The identity of Masked Singer's Frog is yet to be revealed. Photo by Fox Television.
  • Season three of Fox’s reality singing competition The Masked Singer is set to wrap up on April 15
  • Previously eliminated contestants this season include Tony Hawk and Sarah Palin
  • Find out which of the fuzzy and fun-loving characters have the best chance to win — and some guesses as to who’s in the costumes

Just when you thought music competition reality shows were a tired affair, The Masked Singer changed the game. Breathing new life into the entertainment platform, the show has thrived. Adding in playful costumes and a hilarious assortment of celebrities, The Masked Singer is now in its third season.

Halfway through this season of The Masked Singer, nine of the original 18 contestants now remain.

Sorry, Tom Bergerson and JoJo Siwa, you’re out. With only half the cast left in the running, fans are curious as to who will be the last costumed crooner standing. Even more, guesses are on who is inside each of the elaborate costumes.

Let’s take a look and see who has the best shot of winning this competition.

Odds on Who Will Win Season 3 of The Masked Singer

Contestant Odds
Frog -200
Kitty +325
Turtle +600
Astronaut +900
Night Angel +1000
Kangaroo +1200
White Tiger +2200
Banana +4000
Rhino +6600

Odds taken March 28th.

Standout Stars

The most obvious standout performer is Frog. With killer performances of MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” and 50 Cent’s “In da Club” to his credit, Frog’s chances are looking really good.

Many are guessing the true identity of Frog to be American hip-hop star Bow Wow. Having first risen to prominence 20 years ago as a teenager, Bow Wow has had plenty of time to refine his performance chops. It wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone at this point to see Frog revealed as Bow Wow.

Regardless of who his true identity is, Frog will have to outperform the other eight contestants to win. The competition is strong, with Kitty and Turtle coming for the win right behind Frog’s lead.

Odds for some of the remaining contestants are massive long shots. To snag a win at this point, Rhino would have to start outshining the competition pretty quickly. The division of talent is pretty strong between the top performers like Frog and Kitty against the less-beloved Rhino and Banana.

Unmasked Suspicions

Amongst the nine remaining contestants, there’s a flurry of speculation as to who’s who. This season, we’ve seen eliminated contestants across professions, ranging from athletes (Tony Hawk as Elephant) to politicians (Sarah Palin as Bear).

But most of the reveals so far have been film and TV stars, including Bella Thorne (Swan), Lil Wayne (Robot), and Drew Carey (Llama). It’s no surprise that an entertainer makes for a good contestant on this show.

Online guessing and spoilers are revealing that the remaining cast of characters is mainly made up of screen and music personalities. Of course, nobody knows for sure but there seem to be a lot of themes as to people’s guesses.

Popular Guesses to Contestants’ Identities

Contestant Popular Guess
Frog Bow Wow
Kitty Elizabeth Gillies
Turtle Jesse McCartney
Astronaut Hunter Hayes
Night Angel Kandi Burruss
Kangaroo Natalie Imbruglia
White Tiger Rob Gronkowski
Banana Bret Michaels
Rhino John Travolta

Most of the guesses for contestant identities are vocalists. A lot of these pairings make a lot of sense. Turtle sounds a lot like Jesse McCartney. White Tiger has verbally revealed some very Gronk-worthy one-liners. And “Torn” singer Natalie Imbruglia hails from Australia, making her an obvious pick for Kangaroo.

Night Angel, on the other hand, has revealed that doors have always opened for her. This makes sense that it’d be Kandi Burruss given her early start in R&B group Xscape.

But does the winner of the show need to be a seasoned singer? Previous winners of the show include season one superstar T-Pain and last year’s winner Wayne Brady. Since Brady isn’t known for being a vocalist, it doesn’t really help speculate who will win this season.

The contestants and their performances are all the evidence you really need to look at when trying to determine who will win this thing. Based on performance power, audience reaction, and online discussion, it’d be a surprise to see anyone other than Frog take the top spot.

Pick: Frog (-200)

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