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Odds to Play Penguin in “The Batman” Movie: Jason Alexander Favored, Danny DeVito Listed at +2000

JJ De La Torre

by JJ De La Torre in Entertainment

Updated Mar 28, 2020 · 1:06 PM PDT

Timothy Spall at a press conference
Timothy Spall is a top-three contender to play Penguin in the next Batman movie. Photo by Maximilian Bühn (Wiki Commons) [CC License].
  • Principal photography for The Batman is scheduled to begin in January 2020
  • The film’s villain is slated to be Penguin
  • Who will be cast as the delinquent criminal? Odds favor George Costanza

Holy gadzooks, film fans! The DC Extended Universe is getting ready to bring the Caped Crusader back to the silver screen. It seems we can’t go more than a few years without a new Batman in theaters.

As writer/director Matt Reeves readies his production and with Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson already locked in for the title role, the next key component is deciding who will play the film’s villain.

We’ve seen more than our fair share of Jokers in the past decade, so it’s refreshing to know this time around we’ll be getting Penguin back as Batman’s nemesis for this outing. But who will be playing this dastardly devil?

Odds to Play Penguin in The Batman (2020)

Result Odds
Jason Alexander +100
Timothy Spall +300
Josh Gad +500
Andy Serkis +1500
Alex Borstein +2000
Danny DeVito +2000
Caleb Landry Jones +2500
Betty White +3000
Jonah Hill +3000
Seth Rogen +3000

Odds taken Oct. 22. 

As per usual with Hollywood’s harrowing shortlist process, there are a cornucopia of stars in the running for this role. Given that playing Penguin would be a juicy opportunity for any actor, this role is an intriguing category to place bets on.

We haven’t seen Penguin on screen in nearly thirty years. The last time was when Danny DeVito donned the top hat and flippers in Tim Burton’s iconic Batman Returns.

For many stars considered this time around, this could very well be the only chance in their lifetime to fulfill this role. After all, what if it’s another thirty years before we see Penguin again after The Batman?

An Intriguing Lead

Hollywood tends to stick to the A-list for this type of role. We’ve seen recent comic-book villains played by the likes of Josh Brolin, Margot Robbie, and Joaquin Phoenix. But The Batman may try something else on for size.

The lead contender for the role of Penguin is Jason Alexander. He’s far from a household name at this point, but the former Seinfeld star made a splash as one of television’s biggest names in the ’90s. It’s been a few decades now, but Alexander has gone on to mild fame, mostly on stage.

YouTube video

When you consider Alexander’s physical similarities to ’90s-era DeVito, it makes him a good fit for the role. That is, if DeVito himself doesn’t scoop up the role for a second act. He’s also being considered this time.

We’ve seen recent comic book villains played by the likes of Josh Brolin, Margot Robbie, and Joaquin Phoenix.

British character actor Timothy Spall is also a leading contender, which is easy to imagine. Again, Spall doesn’t carry a marketable name that will bring droves out to the theaters, but he’d make one hell of a Penguin.

If the studios do decide for a more recognizable name to play Penguin, there are reasonable options on the list.

Josh Gad – the voice of Olaf in Disney’s Frozen – is easy to picture as the portly villain, but he may be too goofy for the sinister role.

Other big names have similar issues to Gad. Seth Rogen would be too stoner-ish, and Betty White would be too much of a novelty.

In reality, Batman films sell themselves these days. No matter who plays Penguin, audiences will show up to see the film. So it makes more sense to consider who will actually do the best job. That person is Timothy Spall.

Pick: Timothy Spall (+300)

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