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Odds Say Justin Bieber Does Release an Album in 2019

Justin Bieber
Its been a minute since Justin Bieber dropped a new album. Photo by Joe Bielawa (Wikimedia Commons) [CC License]
  • Justin Bieber’s place on the charts has been absent for years aside from guest spots on other artists’ tunes
  • Fans have been waiting for a new Bieber album since his previous album, Purpose, dropped almost four years ago
  • Following a four year gap between albums, Bieber’s return is highly anticipated

Hey, remember Justin Bieber? We won’t fault you if you forgot the name. The ever-newsworthy Canadian singer (Yes, that’s right, he became famous for singing, not just tabloid-ready antics) hasn’t released an album in nearly four years.

Ah, who are we kidding? Bieber’s a household name, a modern day pop prince, a mainstay on any wedding playlist (No dance party would be complete without “Sorry”).

Bieber’s return to the top of the charts is just a matter of time. And fans and record execs alike are just waiting on the edge of their seats for this release.

Odds Justin Bieber Releases an Album in 2019

Will Justin Bieber Release an Album in 2019? Odds at Bovada
Yes -140
No Even

*Odds taken 04/03/19

Remember the Selena Gomez-kissoff anthem “Love Yourself” (how could you not with a lyric like “My mama don’t like you/and she likes everyone”? Ouch.) That song came out almost half a decade ago. Feel old yet?

Bieber hit it big with that album, Purpose. Hot on the heels of some majorly personal struggles, it was a chance to re-humanize Bieber the person, rather than the cartoon character the media was painting him to be.

It’s likely we’re going to hear from Justin Bieber soon in the form of an ever bigger comeback.

Now that he’s settled into his recent marriage to model Hailey Baldwin, his life has calmed down a bit, so it’s likely we’re going to hear from him soon in the form of an ever bigger comeback.

The Evolution of Bieber

When his career took off, Bieber released three albums nearly back-to-back-to-back in a short two year period. As Bieber became increasingly famous (and well, let’s be honest, increasingly problematic), he slowed down with the tunes.

Bieber gained and lost fans thanks to his wild antics, and perhaps his labels hit the brakes on a potentially preemptive album cycle when he was showing signs of unpredictability.

We all remember the last time a label pushed an artist to perform during a personal battle, right? Bieber does, as he recalled after watching the Amy Winehouse documentary Amy: “I identify with [her].

He may still be making snafus like ill-received April Fool’s pranks and accidentally offending the deceased, but at least he’s learning to say (wait for it) “Sorry”!

The King of Collaboration

The last three years haven’t seen an entirely dormant Bieber, though. Since 2016, he’s become a frequent featured artist with all sorts of artists and genres.

Bieber’s voice has still maintained its place on the charts.

Whether he’s attempting to wear his best Latin reggaetón hat (“Despacito” with Luis Fonsi), or lending his voice to EDM tracks (DJ Snake’s “Let Me Love You”), Bieber’s voice has still maintained its place on the charts.

But fans miss Bieber the solo artist, and surely he misses it too in some ways. When you consider he’s been doing this whole pop star thing for almost half his life now, it’s pretty much all he knows.

Pick: Yes (-140)

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