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Odds Say Vegas Dave & Holly Sonders Won’t Actually Get Married

Hayley Graham

by Hayley Graham in Entertainment

Dec 21, 2019 · 8:37 AM PST

Holly Sonders and Vegas Dave
Former Fox Sports reporter Holly Sonders and Vegas Dave became engaged after less than a month of dating. Photo by @GolfDigest (Twitter)
  • Former Fox Sports personality Holly Sonders and sports bettor Vegas Dave got engaged in Mexico earlier this week
  • Sonders divorced former Golf Channel co-host Erik Kuselias in 2016
  • Vegas Dave showed up on Holly Sonders Instagram account for the first time on December 5

Holly Sonders and Vegas Dave have announced their engagement less than a month after they were spotted together for the first time. Outlets started reporting on the two dating in the first week of December. Earlier this year, Dave Oancea was sentenced to probation after facing 19 felonies and up to 40 years in prison for using other people’s social security accounts to open accounts at casinos. The two have just over a 10-year age gap with Dave just turning 42 and Holly 32.

Odds Vegas Dave and Holly Sonders Get Married

Result Sportsbook 1 Odds Sportsbook 2 Odds
Yes +275 +110
No -250 -150

*All odds taken Dec. 20. Must get married before January 2022 for “Yes” to be graded as a win. Any wagers placed the same day news becomes public knowledge will be deemed void. 

It’s a huge possibility that Oancea and Sonders actually break up before they get married. They have only been dating for a few weeks according to social media. But because of how quickly they got engaged, it seems that they will be quick to tie the knot. So all things are pointing to the best bet being that they do actually get married, and maybe as early as in the New Year.

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Yes. ❤️

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“I fell in love with him instantly” – Holly Sonders

Vegas Dave hasn’t necessarily been linked to one woman anytime recently. His Instagram mostly consists of his luxury taste in Birkin handbags and courtside seats at NBA games. Before Sonders appeared on his Instagram, he had a variety of women throughout his feed, but no one consistent.

Sonders was linked to Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury earlier this year for a couple of months and there was no engagement, so maybe this relationship is different. Maybe it was love at first sight for these two.

Best Bet: Yes (+110)

Odds How Long Will They Be Engaged

Result Odds
Over 12 Months (Past Dec. 18, 2020) +225
Under 12 Months (Before Dec. 18, 2020) -350

Seeing that the two got engaged within less than a month of dating, the odds that they get married within the next year seem to be the best bet.

“I never thought this day would ever happen.” – Vegas Dave

Now Dave is a gambler, is this true love, or does he have some other objectives with this news? Some people are starting to question why the two got engaged so quickly, and what the rush was.

Best Bet: Under 12 Months (Before Dec. 18, 2020) (-350)

Odds How Long Their Marriage Will Last

Result Odds
Over 180 Days -140
Under 180 Days +100

Holly Sonders has actually been married before. Having married Erik Kuselias of the Golf Channel, and divorcing in 2016. It’s actually unknown of when they got married, but Sonders started working for the Golf Channel in 2011, leaving for Fox Sports in 2014. So it’s safe to assume it was sometime in there.

Best Bet: Over 180 Days (-140)

Odds Where They Will Honeymoon

Location Odds
Europe +200
South America +275
North America +300
Asia +700
Australia +900
Africa +1200

Most of the pictures the two have with each other revolve around luxury and mostly beaches and nice weather. It seems that they could literally honeymoon anywhere they want in the world. But they seem to go down south to celebrate birthdays and now engagements, but they may step it up a notch for their honeymoon, and find a beach in Europe.

Best Bet: North America (+300) – somewhere with a beach

Odds Holly Announces a Pregnancy in 2019-2020

Result Odds
Yes +300
No -500

*Vegas Dave and Holly Sonders must announce on Instagram by December 31, 2020

Despite what has been said above of the two getting married quickly and having a short engagement after they’ve dated for under a month, it’s not because of a specific reason. There’s been no indication on social that Holly is pregnant. Obviously it’s totally possible to hide it – que Kylie Jenner, but it doesn’t seem to be the case in this relationship.

It doesn’t seem like either Dave or Holly are in a rush to have children. Neither post about the desire on their social accounts. Holly was married before and even though we’re not sure for how long, she didn’t have kids then. So despite their rush to get engaged, and possibly married, the rush to have children doesn’t seem to be there.

Best Bet: No (-500)

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