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Odds Say Season 4 Won’t Be Last of Stranger Things Series, 2 or Less New “Numbers” Introduced

Stranger Things
Stranger Things returns for a third season and fans want answers! Photo by Netflix.
  • Fan favorite breakthrough series Stranger Things returns to Netflix on July 4th
  • The third season marks the return after a 20-month gap
  • All eight episodes of the series will hit Netflix on the same day

Alright, television fans. Grab your Eggos and prep your defenses against Demogorgons, because Stranger Things is back! Netflix’s runaway series took a gap year which seems to have worked in terms of building anticipation.

After two back-to-back seasons, audiences felt the drought and have been waiting with bated breath, arriving with fan theories as to this third season’s direction.

Number of Episodes in Which Eleven Will Have a Nosebleed

Number of Episodes Eleven Will Have a Nosebleed Odds at MyBookie
Over 3.5 +110
Under 3.5 -140

*All odds taken 06/17/19

The psychokinetic wunderkind Eleven is unquestionably the fan favorite character on Stranger Things, so it makes complete sense to see some props being placed around her character’s nuances.

Having the gift of superpowers such as being able to move objects with her mind is pretty impressive, but the physical side effects are consequential. For Eleven, it means a nosebleed happens each time her powers are pushed to the limits.

Watch for the nosebleeds to slow down and alternative supernatural events to take their place.

The writers of Stranger Things seemed to opt for Eleven to use her powers more regularly in season two which, of course, meant more nosebleeds.

But in the world of Stranger Things, the show tends to take a lot of sharp turns, keeping fans on their toes while the writing strays from its own status quo. Watch for the nosebleeds to slow down and alternative supernatural events to take their place.

Pick: Under 3.5 (-140)

How Many New Numbers Will Be Introduced in Season 3?

How Many New Numbers Will Be Introduced in Season 3? Odds at MyBookie
Over 2.5 +160
Under 2.5 -200

Meeting Eleven in season one of Stranger Things raised a lot of questions. The fact that she was named after a number with two digits meant the possibility of at least 10 other potential “siblings” or other children with powers that may still may make their way out of the lab– and into the series.

Season two gifted fans with a new character: Kali (Or, number “eight”), which raised even more questions. Are there more numbered children? Will we get to encounter them in the series? Come on, Duffer Brothers, we have questions!

While season two left as many unanswered new questions as it answered old ones, we were still left in the dark about the whereabouts and fate of Eleven and Kali’s companions.

But with only eight episodes slated for season three of Stranger Things, it’s likely not much screen time will be devoted to the numbered children. After all, the show has plenty of other mysteries to deal with in addition to this query.

Pick: Under 2.5 (-200)

Will Season 4 Be the Last Season?

Will Season 4 Be the Last Season of Stranger Things? Odds at MyBookie
Yes +120
No -150

Netflix has a history of canceling things before fans feel they’ve properly run their course (we see you, and we mourn you Santa Clarita Diet). But Stranger Things is in a unique class of Netflix original content that has gone above and beyond.

Given the amount of retail merchandising, pop culture infiltration, and critical attention Stranger Things has received, it’s safe to say we’re far away from seeing the end of this television institution.

Plus, fans still have a ton of burning questions, and these plot lines are far from being resolved. Looks like we’ve got a lot more Eggos to heat up.

Pick: No (-150)

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