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Odds to Win Nacho Average Showdown – Guy Fieri Heavily Favored Over Bill Murray

Closeup of Bill Murray
Can Bill Murray beat Guy Fieri in a nacho cookoff? Odds say no. Photo by Paul Sherwood (Flickr).
  • Bill Murray and Guy Fieri are set to face off in a cooking competition called Nacho Average Showdown
  • The actor and celebrity chef will craft competing nacho recipes on Food Network’s Facebook Live platform on May 15 at 5:00 PM ET
  • Sponsored by Tostitos, the virtual cook-off will raise money for the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund

Nothing like a little friendly competition. And, in this time of social distancing, it’s a nice reminder that nothing brings people together like the communal language of food.

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri has already raised over $20 million in grant money for service industry workers who have been impacted by COVID-19. Now, he’s taking to social media to raise even more.

Fieri and son Hunter will face Hollywood star Bill Murray and his son Homer.

Nacho Average Showdown will also feature Food Network host Carla Hall and judges Terry Crews and Shaquille O’Neal, airing Friday, May 15 at 5 PM ET exclusively on Food Network’s Facebook Live account. The virtual event is sponsored by Tostitos.

Sportsbooks have already posted odds on who will win, giving a significant edge to, you guessed it, the professional chef.

Nacho Average Showdown Winner

Contestant Odds
Guy Fieri -350
Bill Murray +225

Odds taken May 14th.

It’s hard to drive by a greasy diner or sit in front of a dripping hamburger without conjuring an image of the patron saint of junk food, Guy Fieri. The man knows and loves food and nachos are the perfect canvas for his expertise.

But why Bill Murray? Murray is one of the most respected and beloved figures in Hollywood. He showed with his supporting role in Zombieland that he’s also willing to make fun of himself. It’s no surprise he was willing to playfully face off against Fieri in the kitchen. He loves a fun opportunity and this event is a chance to show up for charity.

On top of that, Bill’s son Homer is a restaurateur who co-owns a casual-dining restaurant called 21 Greenpoint. Perhaps he’s taught his old man his way around a kitchen. And nachos are easy, right? I can easily imagine Murray whipping up a mean plate of nachos. He’s been around for 69 years, surely the guy knows how to throw a bunch of stuff on tortilla chips.

But you can’t stop a force like Guy Fieri when you’re talking head-to-head food competitions. The guy is famous for menu items including double-fried french fries, the killer inside-out burger, and the aptly titled Guy-talian nachos. That last one alone should give Bill cold feet heading into this showdown.

Love him or hate him, Fieri has become synonymous with greasy and indulgent pub food. Considering the event is particularly focused on nachos, he has this one in the bag.

Pick: Guy Fieri (-350)

Nacho Average Showdown Winner

Contestant Odds
Homer Murray -150
Hunter Fieri +110

Hunter Fieri, Guy’s 21-year-old son, is a lot more understated than his dad. Though he once dreamed of being a Supercross racer, he’s since changed his focus to the family business of food.

His opponent is a little more ahead of him though in terms of culinary tenure. Bill’s son Homer Murray is a full-fledged chef and business owner. He owns an established American food cookery in Brooklyn, New York.

At 38, Homer has almost twice as must experience as his competitor. The fact that he’s remained head chef at his own restaurant means his skills are still sharp.

Though both Homer and Hunter are less known to the general public as their superstar fathers, their competition should be just as interesting in terms of introducing the wider public to these new faces.

Considering the event has an actual judging component, though, it’s a reminder that chefs are often very proud and competitive. Homer Murray is going to show up and put his years of hard work to use and cook circles around young chef Fieri.

Pick: Homer Murray (-150)

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