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Odds to Win Titan Games Season 2 – Tyron Woodley Favored, Joe Thomas Trails Closely

Dylan Bowker

by Dylan Bowker in Entertainment

May 25, 2020 · 2:25 PM PDT

Dwayne Johnson at a movie opening.
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is at +10000 to win the 2020 Presidential Election. Photo by Aaron Sanchez (Flickr).
  • Season 2 of Titan Games starts tonight on NBC at 8:00 PM (7:00 Central)
  • Who is the likeliest to win on the male side of things and who gets it done on the female side?
  • Check out the odds, analysis, and predictions below

Season 2 of Titan Games begins tonight with Dwayne Johnson returning to host the proceedings.  The competition is centered around endurance, both on a physical and mental level. In each episode, four men and women compete to be named Titans.

In each of four preliminary heats, two men or two women compete head-to-head. The winners then compete on an obstacle course named Mount Olympus. The loser would take the winners’ place in the event the winner suffers an injury and retires after the preliminary race. In the end, one male and one female Titan will be crowned, with each raking in $100,000.

Season 1 saw Charity Witt and James Jean-Louis emerge on top. Who gets it done this season? Below, see the odds for all male and female contestants, plus over/unders on the winners’ ages.

Odds for Titan Games Season 2: Male Winner

Participant Odds
Tyron Woodley +750
Kareem Brinson +800
Victor Cruz +800
Exodus Rogers +800
Wayne Skivington +800
Joe Thomas +800
Kaleb Redden +900
Steven Shelby +900
Blake Broadhurst +1000
Matthew Chan +1000
Eric Palicia +1000
Joshua Porter +1000
Robbie Rodriguez +1000
William Sutton +1000
Andrew Hanus +1200
Mitch Harrison +1200
Michael Hewitt +1200
Noah Palicia +1200
Bartley Weaver IV +1200
Blake Wright +1200
Ryan Steenberg +1400

Odds taken May 25th

The fields on both sides this year are quite deep. It makes sense that Tyron Woodley is favored in the male field. He is a former UFC welterweight champion and is one of the more prolific belt holders in the history of that division. Woodley is also still very much a fixture in the UFC and is still a main-event player at 170 pounds.

This coupled with the fact that he is still relatively young and has some great competitive years ahead of him puts him ahead of the pack in the eyes of the oddsmakers.

Victor Cruz is really the only other person in this field that I could see getting it done over Woodley. The odds for age of the male winner are interesting, though, in that they seem to conflict a bit with the favored winner.

Over/Under Age of Male Winner

Age of Winner Odds
Over 32½ Years Old -125
Under 32½ Years Old -115

Woodley at 38 years old is obviously over the 32.5 mark. The aforementioned Victor Cruz is just over this mark as well at 33 years of age. Joe Thomas, who has the same odds as Cruz, is also 35. All signs seem to be pointing towards the age of the winner being over the 32.5. I think Woodley’s nickname of The Chosen One will be apropos here as he wins Titan Games Season 2.

 Picks: Tyron Woodley (+750), Over 32.5 years old (-125)

Odds for Titan Games Season 2: Female Winner

Participants Odds
Jamara Garrett +600
Jessie Graff +600
Margaux Alvarez +700
Kelly Stone +700
Alexis Balliet +750
Natalie Talbert +900
Hannah Teter +900
Cynthia Gauthier +1000
Haley Johnson +1000
Courtney Roselle +1000
Claressa Shields +1000
Kelly Valdez +1000
Shantal Athill +1200
Dasha Kuret +1200
Chantae McMillan +1200
Dani Speegle +1200
Michelle Lewis +1400
Jaime Seeman +1400
Jessica Weatherby +1400
Nadi Carey +1500
Lindsey Hamm +1500

Jessie Graff and Jamara Garrett are the noticeable favorites in the eyes of oddsmakers with both sitting at +600. It’s easy to see why these two are at the top of the heap.

Graff is a stuntwoman, competitive gymnast/pole-vaulter, and holds black belts in multiple martial-arts disciplines.

Garrett has been carving out her name in the fitness model industry in a big way. The ages of the favored competitors here create an interesting scenario for the over/under age prop.

Some strong +700 options include Kelly Stone and Margaux Alvarez. In terms of age, Stone is 29 and Alvarez is 35. The  28-year-old Alexis Balliet is also a strong contender sitting at +750.

Claressa Shields is a very interesting underdog here. At only 25 years of age, Shields has cemented a legacy as arguably the best women’s boxer of all time. She is certainly one of the best boxers in the world today and has yet to even enter her competitive prime.

The top two favourites to win this in the oddsmakers’ eyes are on opposite sides of the over/under. Graff and Garrett are 36 and 25, respectively, with the over/ under age set at 30.5.

Odds for Age of Female Winner in Titan Games

Age of Winner Odds
Over 30½ Years Old -125
Under 30½ Years Old -115

To that point, I would suggest going with the under on the age-based prop bet. I see Jamara Garrett getting it done. The kind of physicality that she has lends itself quite well to a competition like this. I think her musculature and the sort of resistance-based exercises she does will guide her to victory.

 Picks: Jamara Garrett (+600); Under 30.5 years old (-115)

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