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Opening WWE 2019 Money in the Bank Odds: Seth Rollins Heavily Favored to Successfully Defend Universal Championship


by Graham "GSM" Matthews in Entertainment

May 2, 2019 · 11:45 AM PDT

Shane McMahon puts an armbar on The Miz.
Shane McMahon (left) and The Miz (right) will renew hostilities in a steel-cage match at Money in the Bank on May 4. Photo by Twitter user @CenationMarian.
  • WWE Money in the Bank will take place at the XL Center in Hartford, CT, on May 19th
  • It will feature the fallout from WrestleMania 35 and the 2019 Superstar Shake-up
  • Who has the best odds of becoming Mr. and Ms. Money in the Bank at the event?

One month removed from the scintillating spectacle that was WrestleMania 35, WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view will not only feature the fallout from the Show of Shows but also set the stage for what is sure to be an exciting summer season.

Between a first-time-ever main event for the Universal Championship and two star-studded Money in the Bank Ladder matches, this year’s installment should be a blast.

Let’s look at the odds for each outing and who fans currently expect to emerge victorious.

Steel Cage Match Odds: The Miz vs Shane McMahon

Wrestler Steel Cage Match Odds
The Miz -340
Shane McMahon +220

*All odds taken 05/01/19

The bad blood between Shane McMahon and The Miz has been brewing for months, and at WrestleMania, Shane scored the fluke victory over The Awesome One. It was a questionable call to say the least, but at least Miz will have his chance at redemption inside a steel cage at Money in the Bank.

Miz avenging his ‘Mania loss to Shane at this upcoming event is the only outcome that makes sense. From there, hopefully Miz can move on to bigger and better things.

Roman Reigns vs Elias Odds

Wrestler Match Odds
Roman Reigns -420
Elias +260

Needless to say, Elias beating Roman Reigns simply isn’t realistic, so those betting on The Big Dog to win are right on the money (no pun intended). Elias will merely be a stepping stone for Reigns on his path to becoming WWE champion again, which is bound to happen sooner rather than later.

Despite the many resources he may have courtesy of Shane and his cronies, Elias will still eat defeat at Money in the Bank.

Raw Women’s Championship Odds: Becky Lynch vs Lacey Evans

Wrestler Raw Women’s Championship Odds
Becky Lynch -500
Lacey Evans +300

Perhaps even more predictable than Reigns toppling Elias is Becky Lynch successfully retaining her Raw Women’s Championship against Lacy Evans at Money in the Bank. There’s no guarantee that Lynch will walk out of the pay-per-view with the two titles still in her possession (more on that later), but it’s too soon for Evans to become a champion given her lack of experience.

To her credit, she has held her own in her various brawls with The Man over the past month, but look for her to have a solid showing that Sunday before falling short of victory.

SmackDown Women’s Championship Odds: Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair

Wrestler SmackDown Women’s Championship Odds
Becky Lynch -200
Charlotte Flair +150

Lynch defeating Evans is virtually a guarantee looking at the odds, but Lynch scoring a win over Charlotte Flair in their SmackDown Women’s Championship clash isn’t a foregone conclusion. In the many months they have been feuding for, Flair hasn’t beaten Lynch a single time, and Lynch hasn’t let her forget that fact.

The Queen is owed a big win eventually, and it just might come at Money in the Bank. Flair is the better bet of the two, but Lynch leaving with her title intact isn’t out of the question, either. Lest we forget the winner of the women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match could be waiting in the wings to cash in on The Man…

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Odds

Wrestler Women’s Money in the Bank Odds
Alexa Bliss +500
Dana Brooke +1000
Natalya +1000
Naomi +500
Ember Moon +200
Bayley +300
Mandy Rose +600
Carmella +800

Of the eight ladies involved in this year’s women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match, only an elite few have an actual chance of winning.

Alexa Bliss and Carmella have already held the briefcase before, while Dana Brooke and Natalya are meant to be filler. Naomi and Ember Moon are dark horses, but it really comes down to Bayley and Mandy Rose. Rose will be a long-term project for SmackDown Live, but if officials are looking to have the victor cash in sooner rather than later, it has to be Bayley, who is on the verge of reaching her breaking point following back-to-back losses to Lynch and Flair.

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Odds

Wrestler Men’s Money in the Bank Odds
Drew McIntyre +150
Braun Strowman +800
Baron Corbin +1000
Ricochet +600
Andrade +200
Ali +700
Randy Orton +1000
Finn Balor +1000

Similar to the women, Baron Corbin, Braun Strowman and Randy Orton can all be immediately taken out of the equation because of their history with the briefcase. Meanwhile, Ricochet and Ali were given momentum boosts this past week, but that was solely designed to make viewers think they’ll win when, in reality, they won’t.

Members of the WWE Universe are picking Drew McIntyre to secure the contract as of now, and they’re probably right. He has been on the cusp of the main event scene for months, whereas it may take Finn Balor and Andrade a little longer to get there.

WWE Championship Odds: Kofi Kingston vs Kevin Owens

Wrestler WWE Championship Odds
Kofi Kingston -160
Kevin Owens +120

Kevin Owens shocked the world with his betrayal of Kofi Kingston last week on SmackDown Live, but it’d be even more shocking if he took that title from Kingston so soon. It’s entirely possible Owens spoils his Cinderella story by cutting his reign short at Money in the Bank, but odds are Owens is a placeholder rival for Kingston before Daniel Bryan returns to the ring and attempts to regain the gold.

Universal Championship Odds: Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles

Wrestler Universal Championship Odds
Seth Rollins -400
AJ Styles +250

Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles is the dream match we’ve wanted for years and will finally be getting at Money in the Bank, who wins?

Fans seem to think Rollins walking out still the Universal champion is a lock, and it’s hard to argue with them. Their feud will definitely continue into the summer (as it should), but Rollins’ reign just began and he shouldn’t be losing that title any time soon.

The only way Styles becomes champion is if he resorts to underhanded tactics and turns heel, but that would be best saved for a later pay-per-view.

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