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People’s Choice Awards 2017: Odds and Predictions

Sydney Benson

by Sydney Benson in Entertainment

Dec 14, 2016 · 5:55 AM PST

With awards season just around the corner, most of the major nomination lists have been released. That includes the world’s most famous popularity contest, The People’s Choice Awards (January 18th, 2017). Somehow, producers have managed to sandwich it in between more important and (slightly more) prestigious shows, like the Golden Globes and Critic’s Choice Awards.

But the difference between this show and the others is the People’s Choice is exactly that: decided by the people. Whether you live and breathe music, are more of a TV junkie, or like to find your entertainment online, this show has something for you.

This year, Stranger Things, Captain America, and Drake headline the major categories. One thing we’ve learned from years past is don’t expect a lot of upsets. For example, the Big Bang Theory has won the “Favorite TV Show” category for the past two years. So it’ll likely win again.

One category that definitely won’t see a repeat winner is “Favorite Movie Icon.” But that’s because it was just created. While it’s a great category in theory, it appears to be missing something; all five nominees are male. I’m not saying those five actors don’t deserve the title, but you can’t tell me there isn’t one actress who could fit on the list as well. Comment below on what you think.

So since there’s a ton … and I mean A TON (64!) categories, let’s just take a look at the basics..

2017 People’s Choice Awards Odds

Movie Odds

Favorite Movie

Deadpool: 13/7
Captain America: Civil War: 7/3
Zootopia: 17/3
Finding Dory: 22/3
Suicide Squad: 23/2

Favorite Movie Actor

Tom Hanks: 7/3
Robert Downey Jr.: 3/1
Kevin Hart: 4/1
Will Smith: 17/3
Ryan Reynolds: 9/1

Favorite Movie Actress

Jennifer Lawrence: 9/11
Scarlett Johansson: 4/1
Melissa McCarthy: 22/3
Anna Kendrick: 23/2
Margot Robbie: 19/1

Favorite Movie Icon

Tom Cruise: 3/1
Tom Hanks: 39/11
Denzel Washington: 4/1
Johnny Depp: 41/9
Samuel L. Jackson: 17/3

TV Odds

Favorite TV Show

The Big Bang Theory: 7/13
Stranger Things:9/1
The Walking Dead: 9/1
Outlander: 23/2
Grey’s Anatomy: 93/7

Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host

James Corden: 3/1
Jimmy Fallon: 3/1
Conan O’Brien: 4/1
Jimmy Kimmel: 4/1
Stephen Colbert: 17/3

Music Odds

Favorite Male Artist

Drake: 3/2
Justin Timberlake: 3/1
The Weekend: 4/1
Shawn Mendes: 9/1
Blake Shelton: 19/1

Favorite Female Artist

Rihanna: 3/2
Ariana Grande: 4/1
Adele: 17/3
Beyonce: 17/3
Britney Spears: 9/1

Favorite Group

The Chainsmokers: 7/3
Twenty One Pilots: 3/1
Coldplay: 4/1
Fifth Harmony: 17/3
Panic! at the Disco: 9/1

Favorite Breakout Artist

Zayn: 11/9
The Chainsmokers: 7/3
Alessia Cara: 9/1
DNCE: 9/1
Niall Horan: 19/1

Favorite Album

Views/Drake: 3/2
Anti/Rihanna: 7/3
Lemonade/Beyonce: 15/1
Dangerous Woman/Ariana Grande: 9/1
If I’m Honest/Blake Shelton: 19/1

Favorite Song

“Work”/Rihanna feat. Drake: 3/1
“One Dance”/Drake feat. Kyla and Wizkid: 7/3
“Can’t Stop the Feeling”/Justin Timberlake: 21/4
“Pillowtalk”/Zayn: 81/19
“No”/Meghan Trainor: 9/1

Digital Media Odds

Favorite Social Media Celebrity

Kim Kardashian: 7/3
Lady Gaga: 3/1
Shakira: 4/1
Britney Spears: 17/3
Stephen Amell: 9/1

Photo Credit: BagoGames (flickr) [https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/]

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