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Puppy Bowl 2020 Odds – Team Fluff Favored

Puppy Bowl 15
Team Fluff is the -140 favorite to beat Team Ruff in Puppy Bowl 16, slated to air on Super Bowl Sunday. Photo by John Feinberg (Flickr)
  • Oddsmakers have established Team Fluff as the -140 favorite in Puppy Bowl 16
  • Team Ruff ended Team Fluff’s two game winning streak last year winning 59-51
  • Since scoring was introduced in 2015, Team Ruff leads the series 3-2

When it comes to the Puppy Bowl, are you fluffing it, or ruffing it?

Chiefs vs 49ers? Oh, you mean that other game on Super Bowl Sunday.

Yeah, you can bet on that one, too. Lots of people do, evidently. But did you know that you could also put a few bones down on the Puppy Bowl?

Books are offering odds on this year’s game, the 16th to feature animals up for adoption at various shelters and rescue organizations around the USA.

Sportsbooks are listing Team Fluff as the -140 favorite to win this year’s contest.

2020 Puppy Bowl Odds

Team Odds
Team Fluff -140
Team Ruff +100

Odds taken Jan. 20th.

The Puppy Bowl airs on Animal Planet throughout the day on Super Bowl Sunday.

Ruff Holds Edge On Fluff

Team Ruff are the New England Patriots of Puppy Bowl competition. They’ve won more titles than Team Fluff, though it’s a tight competition. Team Ruff owns a 3-2 edge.

It wasn’t until 2015 that the organizers of the annual event decided it would be interesting to keep score. Puppy Bowl 11 saw Team Ruff wallop Team Fluff 87-49. Team Ruff again dominated the following year, taking a 70-44 decision.

The next two games saw Team Fluff bounce back with a vengeance. They drubbed the heavily-favored Team Ruff 93-38 in 2017, and then eked out a 52-47 verdict in 2018.

Last year, Team Fluff kicked off as the 7.5-point chalk but it was the underdogs from Team Ruff that not only ended up covering the spread but also winning outright. They dug deep and pawed their way to a 59-51 victory.

Apparently, defensive coordinators are not employed by Puppy Bowl participants. The average points scored over those five contests is 118 per game.

No wonder books don’t offer total wagering on the game.

Puppy Bowl: How to Keep Score

A wide range of dog toys are scattered around the playing surface. Any puppy that scoops up one of these play toys and scampers across the goal line with it in their possession is credited with scoring a touchdown.

If a dog kicks one of the toys across the goal line, they’re credited with a field goal. In Puppy Bowl 10, Shyla, a veritable Robbie Gould with four paws, coyly backfooted the ball across the line to boot the first field in in the history of the game.

In Puppy Bowl 8, fans would end up witnessing a different type of scoring history. Augusta was credited with scoring a TD, but upon further review, the video replay ended up showing that Ollie had simultaneously broken the plane of the goal line. This instance created the only double TD in game history.

Let’s see Mecole Hardman and Tyreek Hill try to pull that move off in that other bowl game that’s on after the Puppy Bowl.

Game participants can also end up incurring a variety of penalties. Some of the referee’s calls include neutral bone infraction, ineligible retriever downfield, unnecessary rrruff-ness and paws interference.

What’s the Play?

Which team will raise the Lombarkey Trophy as Puppy Bowl champs?

Like a game of catch at the dog park. this one’s a toss up.

After hanging around the water bowl, here’s the dog dish: one of these teams has been dogging it in practice, while the other squad is working like dogs.

They say every dog has its day. So take the price, and Ruff it with the underdog.

Pick: Team Ruff (+140).

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