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WWE Super Show-Down Odds & Predictions: Can Strowman Upset The Shield?


by Graham "GSM" Matthews in Entertainment

Sep 26, 2018 · 11:23 AM PDT

The Shield step into the ring.
The Shield will headline WWE Super Show-Down in Melbourne. Photo by Megan Elice Meadows (flickr) [CC License].
  • WWE Super Show-Down will take place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on October 6th
  • The Undertaker and Triple H will headline the show in a “Last Time Ever” encounter
  • Who will emerge victorious at WWE’s latest international event?

Following the financial success of Greatest Royal Rumble, WWE has decided to air more international special events throughout the year on WWE Network, with Super Show-Down in Melbourne, Australia being next on the list.

It isn’t often WWE tapes television from the Land Down Under, making this upcoming extravaganza all the more exciting. The loaded lineup will feature several blockbuster bouts, championships being defended, and a “Last Time Ever” encounter between The Undertaker and Triple H.

Let’s look at who fans are putting their money on to reign supreme in each contest.

The Shield vs Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre Odds

Competitors Odds
The Shield -350
Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre +250

The Shield have been at odds with Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre and the rest of Raw’s heels since shortly after SummerSlam.

Even Roman Reigns’ one-on-one outing against Strowman at Hell in a Cell ended in chaos, so this six-man tag team match should help settle their score ahead of their next scheduled championship clash at Crown Jewel in early November.

Considering this is essentially a meaningless matchup with nothing at stake, Strowman should emerge victorious in order to begin building momentum heading into Crown Jewel.

Although it’s highly unlikely he will be taking the Universal Championship from Reigns any time soon, having him squash The Shield would be a nice way to get him back on track, meaning the odds for this contest could fluctuate between now and then.

John Cena and Bobby Lashley vs Kevin Owens and Elias

Competitors Odds
John Cena and Bobby Lashley -350
Kevin Owens and Elias +250

Speaking of matches that don’t serve much of a purpose from a storyline standpoint, John Cena and Bobby Lashley are set to team up for the first time in over a decade to take on Kevin Owens and Elias at Super Show-Down. The babyfaces being favored to win should surprise no one because, of course, this will basically be a glorified house show and the good guys almost always come out on top.

Cena has not been seen on WWE TV since Greatest Royal Rumble in April and isn’t expected to be sticking around past Super Show-Down. Owens and Elias are floundering right now while Lashley finally appears to be on the brink of something special with his newfound manager Lio Rush, so a loss for the heels wouldn’t make much of a difference.

The Undertaker vs Triple H Odds

Competitor Odds
The Undertaker -170
Triple H +130

For a match fans had zero reason to care about when it was initially announced for Super Show-Down, WWE has done a commendable job of building intrigue for The Undertaker vs Triple H with their recent appearances on Raw.

Shawn Michaels and Kane getting involved in the angle has also sparked speculation that a tag team matchup featuring all four Superstars could be on tap for Crown Jewel.

Michaels returning to the ring has been a hot topic lately among fans, as well as how he will factor into the finish of ‘Taker vs HHH. The Deadman beating Triple H for the third time since 2011 wouldn’t accomplish anything, whereas The Heartbreak Kid costing Undertaker the win would be enough to justify the aforementioned tag bout happening.

Again, the odds being close on this one is telling, because it can very well go either way.

WWE Championship No. 1 Contender’s Match Odds: Daniel Bryan vs The Miz

Competitor Odds
Daniel Bryan -190
The Miz +150

The streak of matches with a sense of unpredictability surrounding them continues with this contest, which will see Daniel Bryan and The Miz wage war once again in a rematch from SummerSlam. This time, however, a chance to vie for the WWE Championship will be on the line and both men are logical contenders to the title at the moment.

Bryan has now lost twice in a row to Miz, making it all the more likely that he will win when it matters most at Super Show-Down. Fans shouldn’t count out a possible Miz victory given his history, but with Maryse out of the picture, Bryan’s chances of having his hand raised increase astronomically.

No Count-Out, No Disqualification WWE Championship Match Odds: AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe

Competitor Odds
AJ Styles -150
Samoa Joe +110

AJ Styles and Samoa Joe have been embroiled in a ruthless rivalry over the past few months and have stolen the show every time they’ve clashed. Joe may have technically been defeated by Styles at Hell in a Cell, but various replays showed Styles tapping out and thus The Samoan Submission Machine was granted one more chance at the WWE Championship.

In any other instance, Joe becoming WWE champion at Super Show-Down would be virtually guaranteed following his back-to-back losses to The Phenomenal One. After all, he is worthy of a run with the title, but it appears fans firmly believe officials want to keep the strap on Styles for a little longer based off the odds for this encounter.

Styles is a safe choice to win, especially since there are still so many feuds left for him to have as WWE champion,

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