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Will Hulk Hogan Return to WWE for WrestleMania 35?

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by Graham "GSM" Matthews in Entertainment

Updated May 14, 2020 · 2:16 PM PDT

Hulk Hogan
Is the WWE ready to welcome back Hulk Hogan with open arms? Photo by Mike Kalasnik (flickr).
  • Hulk Hogan has been persona-non-grata on WWE programming since 2015
  • WrestleMania 35 is set for Newark, New Jersey on April 7, 2018
  • Will Hogan made his long-awaited return to the company at The Show of Shows?

It has been over three years since Hulk Hogan was last seen on WWE television following the controversy that caused him to be abruptly released from the company in July 2015. WWE went so far as to remove all references of him on their programming and website in the wake of his firing, which was the right call considering the magnitude of the situation.

However, Hogan helped make WWE what it is today through the boom of Hulkamania and everything else he accomplished in the 1980’s and beyond. Although it was always a matter of when, not if, he would re-sign, it was imperative he showed remorse for his actions and stayed out of the spotlight to avoid more negative publicity.

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WWE took the first steps in bringing him back this summer when it was announced he was “reinstated” into the WWE Hall of Fame, with it also being reported that he spoke with talent backstage prior to Extreme Rules to apologize for his racist remarks.

Hogan has since laid low and has yet to return to Raw or any other WWE-sanctioned event on air, but “Real American” blaring before the WWE Universe in an arena is only inevitable.

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Already rumors are running rampant as to what the former multi-time WWE champion’s status will be for WrestleMania 35 come April 7, 2019, with odds up for a potential appearance from him on the show.

Will Hulk Hogan Appear at WWE WrestleMania 35?

Will Hulk Hogan Return at WrestleMania 35?  Odds
Yes +260
No -300

It should come as a slight surprise that, as of now, fans are not expecting Hogan to make a full-fledged return to WWE TV by WrestleMania 35. There has been some speculation that he could be in line for a run as Raw or SmackDown Live general manager eventually, but he would be better off as an ambassador for the company at this point in time.

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That said, the odds of Hogan not being at WrestleMania aren’t as slim as most might think.

No one has played a bigger role in the success of WrestleMania since its inception than Hulk Hogan.

No one has played a bigger role in the success of WrestleMania since its inception than Hulk Hogan. He is bound to resurface on the grandest stage of them all at some point, and it might as well be at the upcoming instalment next spring.

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In fact, there would be no better place for Hogan to make his grand comeback to the company than at the event he has been a part of so many times in the past. He has not been seen at The Show of Shows since WrestleMania 31 in 2015, but the possibility of some sort of involvement at WrestleMania 35 (whether it be acting as the host, interrupting someone, or whatever else) should not be counted out.

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