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Survivor Season 40: Winners at War Odds & Picks

Survivor: Winners at War promotional photo
Survivor: Winners at War debuts Wednesday, February 12th. Photo by @EW (Twitter).
  • Survivor: Winners at War premieres Wednesday, Feb. 12th
  • Sportsbooks haven’t posted odds yet, so we have calculated who will win and who might get voted off first
  • See the odds for each contestant heading into the much anticipated season of champions

Survivor fans have been clamoring for it for years, and reality is finally sinking in – Season 40 is pitting past winners against one another. Twenty contestants will hit the beach in Fiji to take home the title and the massive bragging rights that go along with it – plus the largest prize in the show’s history at $2 million.

While most of your favorites are back, the show opted not to include original Survivor Richard Hatch, along with a few other memorable names, but the cast as a whole is very strong and balanced. This will also be the second iteration of the Edge of Extinction (season 38), so castaways voted off will still have an opportunity to get back into the game should they get ousted early.

Who might take home the title of sole Survivor yet again, and which contestant will have egg on their face in the very first episode? We have set the odds, below, but first a look at who’s competing.

Survivor: Winners at War Contestants

Contestant Season Won
Ethan 3 (Africa)
Sandra 7, 20 (Pearl Islands, Heroes vs Villains)
Amber 8 (All-Stars)
Danni 11 (Guatemala)
Yul 13 (Cook Islands)
Parvati 16 (Micronesia)
Boston Rob 22 (Redemption Island)
Sophie 23 (South Pacific)
Kim 24 (One World)
Denise 25 (Philippines)
Tyson 27 (Blood vs Water)
Tony 28 (Cagayan)
Natalie 29 (San Juan Del Sur)
Jeremy 31 (Cambodia)
Michelle 32 (Kaoh Rong)
Adam 33 (Millennials vs Gen X)
Sarah 34 (Game Changers)
Ben 35 (Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers)
Wendell 36 (Ghost Island)
Nick 37 (David vs Goliath)

What to Expect From This Season

As the name of the season suggests, this will be an all-out bloodbath between twenty players who all have an ego from taking home a previous crown (and in Sandra’s case, winning twice).

With that said, huge personalities like Tony, Boston Rob, Sandra, and Parvati will have the odds stacked against them simply because they’re massive targets and huge threats. On the contrary, winners without massive personalities like Michelle, Sophie, Nick, and Adam won’t immediately be viewed as players who must be axed, giving them a strong chance to make solid alliances.

Survivor: Winners at War Odds

Contestant SBD’s Odds to Make Final Four SBD’s Odds to Win
Michelle 3/2 9/1
Sophie 3/2 9/1
Nick 5/2 12/1
Adam 5/2 12/1
Danni 3/1 15/1
Denise 3/1 15/1
Wendell 4/1 18/1
Natalie 4/1 18/1
Ben 4/1 18/1
Yul 9/2 20/1
Jeremy 9/2 20/1
Kim 5/1 25/1
Sarah 5/1 25/1
Ethan 6/1 28/1
Tyson 6/1 28/1
Amber 7/1 33/1
Parvati 7/1 35/1
Sandra 9/1 40/1
Boston Rob 9/1 40/1
Tony 10/1 50/1

Boston Rob and Amber, the only married couple competing this season, will immediately be in trouble since they obviously have the greatest pact of all. Players will feel threatened by that strong allegiance. To a lesser degree, Kim and Sarah, two of the better winners the game has ever seen, will be in tough to shed that label in their attempts to go deep in the game.

Edge of Extinction Twist Returns

The much-maligned edge of extinction twist, which debuted in season 38, returns for yet another go around. Many fans despised a twist that allowed a player to lose so early in the game yet be able to come back late and take home the prize.

However, CBS wants to ensure all players get their screen time, so they made sure the twist came back, just in case all the fan favorites had their torches snuffed out quickly.

It’ll be a factor this season in potentially determining the winner, along with a brand new twist that gives players coins to use as currency to further along their game. Survivor is ever-changing and trying to evolve, with some twists working brilliantly and others being widely panned. The jury will be out on the newest aspect of the game until viewers see it in action.

Odds to Be Voted Off First

Contestant SBD’s Odds to Be Voted Off First
Tony 9/1
Boston Rob 9/1
Sandra 12/1
Parvati 12/1
Amber 15/1
Tyson 15/1
Ethan 18/1
Sarah 18/1
Kim 18/1
Jeremy 20/1
Yul 20/1
Ben 25/1
Natalie 25/1
Wendell 28/1
Denise 28/1
Danni 33/1
Adam 35/1
Nick 40/1
Sophie 40/1
Michelle 50/1

Someone Has to Be First Person Voted Out

For one player, they’ll go from the penthouse to the outhouse, having scaled the mountain to claim the $1 million dollar prize, only to face the bitter aftertaste of rejection on this season immediately. As mentioned earlier, massive targets and big time winners face immediate danger of losing simply because they have a huge target on their back.

Here’s hoping some of the “lesser” winners are actually taken out first, leaving the exciting legends of the game to compete longer – but don’t bank on it. These players are all very smart and know how to outwit, outplay, outlast. They won’t be starstruck, and they’ll be playing as hard as ever to earn that cool $2 million dollar prize.

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