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Updated Bachelor Odds Ahead of Episode 7; Who Will Peter Pick?

The Bachelor
Which lucky lady will Peter choose in season 24 of the Bachelor? Photo by @Krazykarenn (Twitter)
  • There’s just six remaining women on Season 24 of the Bachelor
  • Pilot Peter is looking for everlasting love – will he find it?
  • See the odds for each remaining contestant plus fun prop bets for the season

It’s been a bumpy ride through Peter Weber’s season of the Bachelor but he’s hoping the turbulence stops soon en route to him finding his wife.

This season has not disappointed in the dramatics department with every single week multiple ladies arguing and stirring up trouble for the leading man, but he’s down to just six women left, with one potentially garnering the final rose and receiving an engagement ring from Peter.

This season has been rocky, from Kelsey angry over a stolen champagne bottle to Alayah and Victoria P. arguing over pretty well everything to Tammy emotion shaming Kelsey to Mykenna crying at the drop of the hat. There have been countless other encounters where the ladies have skewered Peter for being wishy-washy but our early predictions have been pretty solid, with three of our top four picks still vying for Peter’s heart.

Bachelor Season Odds

Contestant SBD Odds to Make Fantasy Suite SBD Odds to Win
Madison 1/4 5/2
Victoria F. 1/3 4/1
Kelsey EVEN 5/1
Hannah Ann 3/2 6/1
Kelley 2/1 8/1
Natasha 3/1 9/1

The Case for Madison to Win

While she has laid low and stayed out of all the drama this season, Madison has quietly built a strong case to be selected by Peter.

Madison went on the first one-on-one date of the season and even met Peter’s family early in this process, so she would seem to have a great chance to meet them again during hometown visits which could eventually lead to the fantasy suite. She is young, at 23, which Peter has to be leery of with other women, though he seems very smitten with Madison and it appears her walls are sufficiently down.

Victoria F. Could Wind Up Winning

If it was up to Peter, the woman he would probably most want to propose to would be Victoria F, seeing as how she’s the only one to have gone on two one-on-one dates and he clearly holds a candle for her. She hasn’t avoided controversy, however.

She survived the obvious ploy of the producers meddling with their relationship by having her ex-boyfriend singer Chase Rice perform for her and Peter on a date and has since gone on another one-one-one, where she expressed reservations about continuing the process though she wants to be vulnerable. Victoria F. decided to stay and you can just tell that Peter desperately wants her to go all the way to the end.

Kelsey Emerges as Contender for Final Rose

Who would have guessed that Kelsey would’ve lasted this far, let alone be in the running to end up with a rock at the end of this season after she famously went ballistic over a stolen champagne bottle?

She’s survived the wrath of the other ladies who have attacked her for being emotionally unstable and among other things, having substance abuse problems but shockingly seems to be a favorite of Peter’s. She surely wants to be picked at the end, which you can’t seem to say about a few of the other ladies who are showing reservations about being with Peter. (are they in it for the right reasons?)

Hannah Ann, Kelley and Natasha on Outside Looking in

Peter seems to have qualms with Hannah Ann being too young at 23, and has shown that he’s questioning their relationship. Ditto for Kelley, who he knew before this show began but have plateaued. He doesn’t feel she’s fully into him and almost seems resigned to her rejecting a ring.

Natasha is the only remaining woman left to exclusively only go on group dates, so it’s hard to see her being at the end of this journey since she hasn’t really jelled with Peter. She’s level headed and should be a top contender but throughout this season Peter seems to be more attracted and drawn to drama, counting Natasha out.

Bachelor Prop Bets

Odds Peter Has Sex in Another Windmill

Prop SBD’s Odds
More Sexy Time For Peter in a Windmill? 50/1

Last Bachelorette season Peter and Hannah Brown famously had sex four times in a windmill, sending Bachelor Nation into a tizzy. Unlikely he does it again, but that certainly would ramp things up a notch.

Remaining Times Fantasy Suite is Mentioned

Prop SBD’s O/U
Times Fantasy Suite is Mentioned 20.5

We’re getting close to fantasy suite time, which typically is with three women left in the contest. You know it’ll be on their minds constantly towards the end.

Remaining Amount of Pilot References This Season

Prop SBD’s O/U
Times Piloting is Referenced 15.5

The Bachelor loves driving home a point and they’ve done it all year – we get it, Peter is a pilot. We hadn’t noticed the approximately 3,789 other times you told us.

Remaining Times Husband/Wife Is Said This Season

Prop SBD’s O/U
Times Husband/Wife Is Said In Season 24 30.5

You know this will be the topic du jour with the stakes getting higher and higher.

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