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World of Dance Season 4 Odds – Age, Nationality, and Style of Winner

JJ De La Torre

by JJ De La Torre in Entertainment

May 26, 2020 · 6:28 AM PDT

World of Dance
Will this year's World of Dance winner be in line with past seasons' trends? Photo: NBC Television.
  • Season four of NBC’s reality competition World of Dance premieres May 26, 2020
  • Previous winners have hailed from France, India, and the USA– Where will this year’s champions hail from?
  • See the odds and speculations on this year’s winning category, nationality, and dance style

It’s been a hot minute since Jennifer Lopez’s SuperBowl Halftime Show. But fans of the Puerto Rican chanteuse are in for a delight this week as she returns to her reality dance competition World of Dance.

Now in its fourth season,  the show features Lopez as a judge along with R&B singer Ne-Yo and dancer Derek Hough. The trio have delighted audiences each year since the show began, and all will return to delight television audiences once more.

World of Dance has been a hit since it first aired. While other dance competition series have been around long before World of Dance, the cast and formula of this show has made it a fan favorite.

With the premiere episode of World of Dance airing nearer, it’s time to look at the potential for who is going to take home the prize of this season. We’ll look at trends from past seasons as hints into this year’s home locale, category, and dance style for the potential winner.

Odds on Category of Winner of World of Dance 2020

Type of Contestant Odds
Upper +210
Junior Team +225
Upper Team +225
Junior +275

All odds taken May 25

By taking a look at the previous three seasons of World of Dance, it’s definitely hard to predict this year’s winner. Looking at the trend essentially proves inconclusive. Each year, the winners of the show have belonged to a different category.

The first winners, Paris’s Les Twins, were from the Upper category. While Les Twins includes two team members (brothers Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois), the Upper category includes entrants of up to four members.

In season two, a Californian 15-member Junior Team named The Lab took the prize. And last year, Mumbia, India’s Upper Team The Kings–a 14-member crew– won gold.

Going by the numbers, Junior acts have the only historical disadvantage. The other three categories are on the same playing field, and the odds are fairly representative of this fact.

Judging by the Upper category’s slightly better odds, they seem slated to win the season. Is it because this category is most overdue since they haven’t seen a winner in three years? Perhaps.

Pick: Upper (+210)

Odds for Winning Nationality for World of Dance 2020

Location Odds
North American +100
European +200
Asian +250
South American +400
African +750
Oceanic +1400

Over the course of three seasons of World of Dance, we’ve seen winners from North America (USA), Europe (France), and Asia (India).

Naturally, past winners’ successes have been reflected in this year’s odds. Even Covid-19 couldn’t stop World of Dance from its return date. Initially, fans worried international teams may not be able to participate this year due to travel restrictions.

Judging from the show’s Instagram TV posts, a stunning team from Colombia will be debuting this season. While the full lineup hasn’t been announced just yet, surely there will be plenty of other international acts as well.

America is presently fighting back from a pandemic, though. There is a fire in the belly of the USA you can’t deny. While foreign competitors will bring a great fight, it’s quite likely an American team is going to use this as a chance to reign victorious and show a comeback to the world at large.

 Pick: North American (+100)


Odds for Winning Dance Style for World of Dance 2020

Dance Style Odds
Hip-Hop +150
Contemporary +200
Any Other Style of Dance +200
Jazz +800
Ballroom +800
Latin +1200
Ballet +1500
Tap +2000
Line Dancing +5000
Clogging +7500

The show has already gone through some changes since its 2017 debut. World of Dance said goodbye to Jenna Dewan and hello to new host Scott Evans last year.

However, there is one factor that has been consistent with every season of the program: the affluent nature of hip-hop acts. Since the inaugural year, a hip-hop act has taken home the prize each season.

Hip-Hop is just an easy form to watch. It’s impressive, it’s fun, and it’s mesmerizing to the human eye. You have to be an amazing dancer to make it in the hip-hop realm.

Even though each year of World of Dance a hip-hop act has already won, it’s a formula that works for the show with good reason. The world has had so much change over the past several months. In a fight for consistency and wanting the status quo to return, hip-hop is most likely going to reign supreme this season.

Pick: Hip-Hop (+150)

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