WWE RAW March 16 Odds – Undertaker to Choke Slam AJ Styles? How Many Stone Cold Stunners?

Closeup of The Undertaker
The Undertaker will be appearing on tonight's WWE RAW and you can bet on how he will finish multiple opponents. Photo by jorgebueno (Flickr).
  • WWE RAW on March 16th is a star-studded affair this week
  • Who will The Undertaker deliver finishing maneuvers to? Who is catching a Stone Cold Stunner, and how many times over?
  • Check out the odds below and my predictions on what will unfurl on Monday Night RAW

The road to Wrestlemania continues with WWE RAW on Monday, March 16th. Though many questions remain lingering in the air about Wrestlemania 36, here are several certainties for RAW this week: the Monday Night staple will feature current stars like AJ Styles plus legends of yesteryear, like The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Presumably, a gong will sound for the Deadman and Stone Cold will indulge in a cold one or two. For some of the aspects that are up in the air, that’s where these prop bets come in.

Odds on Undertaker’s Finishing Moves

Opponent Finishing Move Odds
AJ Styles Tombstone +175
AJ Styles Chokeslam +150
AJ Styles Tombstone/ Chokeslam +200
AJ Styles None +250
Karl Anderson Tombstone -150
Karl Anderson Chokeslam +150
Karl Anderson Tombstone/ Chokeslam +300
Karl Anderson None +450
Luke Gallows Tombstone +200
Luke Gallows Chokeslam -150
Luke Gallows Tombstone/ Chokeslam +350
Luke Gallows None +300

Odds taken Mar. 16.

Deadman Walking

The odds for Anderson taking a Tombstone and Gallows taking a chokeslam are the exact same for a reason. I can see a scenario playing out where Undertaker cleans house on AJ Styles’ cohorts ahead of their Wrestlemania encounter.

As a means of being mindful of move economy, I could see Taker using two different finishes on both of Styles’ cohorts. I’ll go a step further and sa the Deadman will chokeslam Gallows first. Then he’ll tombstone Anderson as Styles gets out of dodge, looking aghast as The Undertaker revels in the moment.

This also coincides with the odds associated with AJ Styles not taking any finishers at all.

Pick: AJ Styles; None (+250)

Pick: Luke Gallows; Chokeslam (-150) 

Pick: Karl Anderson; Tombstone (-150)

Odds on Music Playing at the End of the Contract-Signing Segment

Wrestler Odds
The Undertaker -180
AJ Styles +140

I theorize The Undertaker’s music will be playing once the contract signing ends. This will underscore the moment of Undertaker reveling in dismantling Gallows and Anderson, all the while Styles looks on in horror at his fallen brothers.

Pick: The Undertaker (-180)

Odds AJ Styles Delivers A Signature Move To The Undertaker

Wrestler Odds
Yes +150
No -200

I can see Styles at best attempting a maneuver that ultimately doesn’t work out. This segment is all about making Undertaker look strong ahead of the Showcase of the Immortals.

Pick: No (-200)

WWE RAW March 16th

Fittingly on 3:16 day (March 16th), Stone Cold will be appearing on RAW. On Steve Austin day, fans will be treated to some more exploits from The Bionic Redneck. One has to wonder though. Who on the present roster will manage to draw Stone Cold’s ire? He does have thin patience and a propensity for dealing out stunners after all.

There are a few likely options in terms of who Steve Austin may come after tonight.

Odds on Who Stone Cold Will Stunner First

Wrestler Odds
Murphy +200
Seth Rollins +200
Randy Orton +300
Erick Rowan +500
Bobby Lashley +600
AJ Styles +800

I see Murphy being the one to take the stunner. Rollins will likely use some questionable heel chicanery to put his associate Murphy into a compromised spot. I can see the Monday Night Messiah getting out of dodge as Murphy falls prey to the Texas Rattlesnake.

Pick: Murphy (+200)

Odds on How Many Stunners Stone Cold Will Deliver

Wrestler Odds
1 +100
3 +200
2 +250
4 +600
5 or more +600
0 +1000

The likeliest option here is one. I can see Austin stunning Murphy while Kevin Owens hits a stereo stunner on Rollins. Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens have been feuding as of late so this makes total sense to forward their storyline.

Also, Owens has been utilizing the Stone Cold Stunner as a finishing move for a meaningful period of time so this would all gel perfectly. I see Austin dropping one stunner then perhaps sharing a cold one or two with Owens (depending on how focused Austin is at preventing the spread of COVID-19 by social distancing).

Man, writing about wrestling is a blast.

Pick: 1 (+100)

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