2019 CWL Pro League Playoffs Odds & Picks

Will 100 Thieves be able to three-peat in Miami? Or is there another team that will knock them off the throne at the CWL Pro League Playoffs? Photo by @100Thieves (Twitter)
  • CWL Pro League Playoffs take place July 19-21
  • Are the favorites, 100 Thieves, a lock to take it all in Miami?
  • Which teams could pull an upset in South Beach

The CWL Playoffs, the second-last event of the 2019 CWL Season, are set to take place in Miami from July 19-21. An entire year of Pro League is coming to an end with 12 of the 16 teams getting a chance to compete for the CWL Pro League title and the grand prize of $500,000.

Heading into the CWL Playoffs, 100 Thieves are listed as the favorite. They enter the playoffs off of winning back-to-back events at CWL London and CWL Anaheim.

Will the team of superstars be able to claim a third title in a row? Or is it time for a new team to step up to the plate and knock them off the throne in South Beach?

CWL Pro League Playoffs Odds

Team Odds to Win CWL Pro League Playoffs at Bovada
100 Thieves +150
Gen.G +400
OpTic +450
eUnited +700
Luminosity +900
FaZe +1000
Splyce +1300
Reciprocity +2000
Heretics +3300
Enigma6 +4000
Envy +5000
Midnight +6600
Elevate +10000
Evil Geniuses +10000
Units +20000
UYU +30000

*Odds taken 07/15/19

Three-peat on the Horizon for 100 Thieves?

Heading into the 2019 CWL Season, 100 Thieves stepped back into the professional scene with a bang, assembling one of the most-hyped rosters in Call of Duty history. Despite all the talent on the roster, though, they came out of the gates stumbling, failing to crack the top-8 at CWL Vegas and barely making it through the Pro League Qualifier for the opportunity to play in the CWL Pro League for the 2019 season.

After they qualified, they made a few changes to their roster, bringing in Preistahh to replace Fero, and tabbing Crowder to coach the squad. They began to see results almost instantly.

They were poised to make a run to the finals of CWL Fort Worth before Preistah was hit with an illness and they had to sub him out. They managed to still place fourth, and in the next two CWL events in London and Anaheim, 100 Thieves took home the trophy at both.


Given that they only dropped four maps in total at CWL Anaheim, they are truly a force that no team has really figured out how to stop at this point.

They should probably come out on top again in Miami, but there are a few other teams that you can’t count out.

Other Threats in Miami

There are a few other teams that I would suggest looking at to win the CWL Pro League Playoffs. The four I would suggest would be: OpTic, eUnited, Luminosity, and Reciprocity.

OpTic and eUnited are teams that have both been placing very well all year outside of CWL Fort Worth, where they both bombed out pretty badly. Both teams finished first in their respective division in the CWL Pro League, and they both have the talent to take home the $500,000 in Miami.

The x-factor for both teams is they have to show up on Sunday. OpTic has a bit of a history with slowing down on the final day of play in tournaments, and eUnited always manages to come up just short when it really matters. Both teams are worth a look though, as they do have the talent to win it all.

OpTic has a bit of a history with slowing down on the final day of play in tournaments, and eUnited always manages to come up just short when it really matters.

Luminosity and Reciprocity, on the other hand, have both made rosters changes in the past few months and have proven to be pretty damn good.

Luminosity has been mediocre all year, outside of winning Fort Worth, and Reciprocity has not been able to fully figure it out, only managing to place top-4 once on the year.

Both teams look very strong since their roster changes, though, and both stand a very good chance of making a run in Miami. With the added value each team brings, they are at least worth consideration to take the trophy at the CWL Pro League Playoffs.

That said, it’s not where my money is going.

Pick: 100 Thieves (+150)

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