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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – ESL Pro League Finals Season 10 Prop Bets

Matthew Hempstead

by Matthew Hempstead in eSports

Dec 3, 2019 · 10:27 AM PST

Team Liquid of ESL Pro League
The Team Liquid lineup hopes to rebound after falling to Astralis at the ECS Season 8 Finals Photo By @TeamLiquid (Twitter)
  • The ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals run from December 3rd to the 8th
  • Astralis being favorites to win has highly affected several available prop bets
  • Vertigo is heavily favored to be the least played map of the tournament

The ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals begin on December 3rd and with it come a flurry of prop bets. Astralis are heavy favorites to win the tournament and most of these bets should be made with the best team in the world in mind.

Region of Winner Odds

Region Odds
Europe -165
Americas +120
Asia-Pacific +6600

All odds taken Dec 3rd

The region of winner is as simple as this; Astralis is from Europe and therefore Europe is likely the bet. Even though North America has a couple of solid teams in Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses, Astralis have been dominant lately and should be able to take advantage of the packed CS:GO tournament schedule.

Pick: Europe (-165)

Winners Group Odds

Group Odds
Group A +110
Group B -145

Group B is pretty clearly the stronger group as it contains both Astralis and Team Liquid. If Team Liquid is able to find the form that they had earlier in the year then it’s possible they can take down Astralis. If that happens then TL should be considered the favorites to win it all. Either way, I’ll take Astralis or Team Liquid over the likes of EG or 100 Thieves from Group A.

Pick: Group B (-145)

Group A Winner Odds

Team Odds
Evil Geniuses +250
Fnatic +350
100 Thieves +450
FaZe Clan +550
Natus Vincere +650
MiBR +1200
Heroic +1900
TYLOO +3400

Not having Astralis in Group A leaves it wide open. Evil Geniuses would normally be favorites, but they’re likely exhausted after competing in the ECS Season 8 Finals this past weekend.

Meanwhile, 100 Thieves have had some time off to prepare exclusively for this tournament and are coming off of a grand finals appearance at IEM Beijing.

I’d take a chance on the surging 100 Thieves here.

Pick: 100 Thieves (+450)

Group B Winner Odds

Team Odds
Astralis -227
Team Liquid +185
mousesports +1100
G2 Esports +1900
North +3900
Grayhound Gaming +4900
ATK +9900
Sharks +19900

I think it’s pretty clear where this bet is going. Even though there’s not much value, it’s impossible to bet on another team, especially after Astralis just took down Team Liquid at the ECS finals.

Pick: Astralis (-227)

Tournament Least Played Map Odds

Map Odds
Vertigo -400
Overpass +350
Nuke +900
Dust2 +1200
Train +1700
Mirage +1900
Inferno +7900

Here’s where the bets get interesting. Although Vertigo is the favorite to be the least played map, recent tournaments have shown that there might be better bets. At the ECS Season 8 Finals, Mirage was actually the least played map, and Astralis and Team Liquid played on Vertigo in the opening map of the grand finals.

If these two teams are willing to play on Vertigo then it could pop up several times over the course of the ESL Pro League finals. 100 Thieves have also shown to be rather strong on Vertigo. Instead, consider betting on Overpass after it was only played once back at IEM Beijing.

Pick: Overpass (+350)

Tournament Most Played Map Odds

Map Odds
Inferno +150
Mirage +200
Train +350
Nuke +500
Dust2 +800
Overpass +1100
Vertigo +3900

Inferno was the most picked map at both IEM Beijing and the ECS finals so it’s a strong play here. One dark horse pick is Nuke as it appears to be Astralis’ go to map pick after other teams remove the likes of Train or Overpass against them. Also avoid Mirage since Astralis bans it out constantly.

Pick: Inferno (+150)

Map with Highest CT Win % Odds

Map Odds
Train +210
Nuke +240
Overpass +360
Mirage +500
Inferno +750
Vertigo +900
Dust2 +2900

I’d take a chance on Overpass here. Maps that get played a lot will have more normalized CT and T Win percentages. Overpass will be on the lesser played side of things and that could lead to a heavy CT Win % if a team like Astralis gets their hands on it.

Pick: Overpass (+360)

Map with Highest T Win % Odds

Map Odds
Dust2 +170
Vertigo +240
Inferno +300
Overpass +700
Mirage +900
Nuke +1500
Train +2400

Although Dust2 is the favorite here, it actually had the second lowest T win % at IEM Beijing. Instead of going with Dust2, Vertigo seems like a stronger bet after the T-side won over 50% of the time at the ECS Season 8 Finals.

Pick: Vertigo (+240)

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