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CS:GO 2019 Asia Minor Katowice Odds: Renegades Favored Over Grayhound

Zack Bowker

by Zack Bowker in eSports

Dec 25, 2018 · 5:00 AM PST

The new look Renegades look to make yet another run through the Asia Minor. Photo by @HoytsAustralia (Twitter)
  • Is it worth betting on anyone other than Renegades?
  • Will we see and all Australian Final?
  • Is there an Asian team that can challenge?

The final qualifier for the Katowice Major is the Asia Minor, taking place on January 22-26.

Historically, the region of Asia is the least skilled in Counter-Strike, which usually leads the Minor to being ran through by Renegades and TyLoo.

With TyLoo holding onto their Major Status due to their run in London, it looks like we will see a new team come out of the Asian region and into the Major.

Odds to Win Asia Minor Championship

Teams Odds to Win Asia Minor Outright
Renegades +150
Grayhound +275
ViCi +450
MVP PK +500
CyberZen +1000
GOSU +2500
exdt +10000
Beyond +20000

*All odds taken 12/24

Will the Boys Down Under Dominate the Competition?

The favorite to win the Asian Minor is the Australian major mainstay, Renegades. The boys consistently come through the Asian Minor with relative ease, other than their matches with Chinese squad, TyLoo.

Since TyLoo won’t be participating in this Minor, I think its fair to say that Renegades should be the overwhelming favorite to come out with the #1 seed.

With new additions Gratisfaction and liazz, the Aussie side has looked better with wins coming over both BIG and G2.

The Other Aussies

The team with the next highest odds to win the Minor is the other boys, Grayhound, led by the legend DickStacy.

The other Aussies have shown that they are one of the best teams in Australia, consistently beating other teams from the region, and even qualifying for a few big tournaments throughout the year.

Though they are one of the better teams from the region, I don’t see them being able to topple Renegades in this Minor.

Renegades has been playing on the international stage for way longer than Grayhound, and have veteran leadership in Norwegian rifler Jkaem.

Expect Renegades to take the W in this tournament, but it wouldn’t be too surprising if Grayhound was able to roll into the Major with the #1 seed as well.

Pick: Renegades (+150)

With the two Australian teams the heavy favorites to meet in the final lets take a look at some of the other teams here that may provide some value to reach the finals.

Odds to Reach Final in Asia Minor Championship

Teams Odds to Reach Finals in Asia Minor Outright
Renegades -225
Grayhound -145
ViCi +150
MVP PK +175
CyberZen +400
GOSU +1200
exdt +7500
Beyond +10000

Can ViCi or MVP PK Make it to the Finals?

Thought not likely, it may be worth taking a look at ViCi and MVP PK to make the finals.

ViCi is a pretty solid squad. They consistently beat most of the Asian teams, and even have some wins over some pretty good Tier 3/4 teams in TyLoo, Kinguin, and Vega Squadron.

It remains to be seen if they can compete with elite teams, but since there isn’t really an elite team in this Minor they may be a solid pick at +150.

MVP PK on the other hand has had the chance to play against some of the worlds best, mostly losing, but the experience is valuable, nonetheless.

There may be some value in taking either of these teams to make the finals, but I would say it is pretty unlikely that they will be able to beat either of the Australian squads in the Asia Minor.  Expect the finals too be an all Aussie affair.

Pick: Renegades (-225) / Grayhound (-145)

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