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CS:GO CS Summit 2019 Odds & Picks: Team Liquid Listed as Favorite

Liquid esports
The old look Liquid after taking home the trophy at cs_summit 2 in 2018. Photo by @AOC_Gaming (Twitter)
  • cs_summit 4 starts May 23rd in Los Angeles
  • Will we see a former champ take home the trophy this year?
  • Does Vitality deserve to be listed at +450?

The fourth edition of the cs_summit  is set to begin at the Summit House on May 23rd, in Los Angeles. In probably the most unique tournament in all of Counterstrike, cs_summit 4 will see six teams competing against each other for the biggest piece of the $150,000 prize.

The winners of the past two cs_summits will be in attendance in NRG and Liquid, and both sit high up on the odds table to take their second Summit title.

Odds to Win cs_summit 4

Teams Odds to Win cs_summit 4 at Bovada
Liquid +200
ENCE +333
Vitality +450
NRG +500
Renegades +500
Ghost +2000

*Odds taken 04/29/19

Will We See a Two-Time Champ?

With both Liquid and NRG holding  a cs_summit title already, we very well may see the first repeat champion at the summit. Liquid heads in as the favorite, as as expected as they have been the second best team in the world for more or less a year now.

They haven’t had much success when it comes down to crunch time though, as they have found themselves cruising through the group and playoff stages of multiple tournaments only to fall apart in the finals. Many of the times this has happened it’s against the likes of Astralis, which you can’t really fault Liquid for as they are matching up against the best team of all-time in the most competitive era of Counterstrike ever. So with the Danes not in attendance, they may just be able to add another trophy to their cabinet.

Liquid have found themselves cruising through the group and playoff stages of multiple tournaments only to fall apart in the finals.

The other previous winner, NRG, also have a good chance to take it all at cs_summit 4. They have been a top-8 team for the better part of a year, and in my opinion they have been a top-5 team for quite some time now. They didn’t have the greatest showing at IEM Katowice, failing to qualify for the playoffs, but they improved greatly skill-wise with the addition of Tarik. They stand a very good chance at making a run for the title at cs_summit 4 and should at least be looked at.

Other Contenders to Look at in LA

The competition at cs_summit 4 is very tight, as five of the teams realistically could end up hoisting the trophy. Liquid and NRG, as mentioned earlier, but also ENCE, Vitality, and Renegades all stand a real chance at taking it all. I would say of the remaining three teams ENCE and Renegades stand a better chance to win even though the odds have Renegades listed below Vitality.

ENCE managed to make their way all the way to the finals of IEM Katowice in their first Major. They impressed many and gained a ton of fans along the way, and in their past few tournaments they have shown that it wasn’t a fluke. The Finns narrowly missed the finals of Blast Pro Series Sao Paulo, and they lost a close series at StarSeries to Na’vi, the eventual winner. ENCE should for sure been looked at seriously to win cs_summit 4.

The Aussies have also been showing up huge as of late, starting with their play in Katowice. It is for sure the best iteration of Renegades that has been seen so far and they are a threat to beat any team in the world right now. jks is on another level individually as of late, legitimately a top-5 player in the world, and the other four members have also been great. If they show up how they have been playing thus far in 2019, expect them to make a pretty far run.

Though Vitality is listed at third in the odds table I’m not fully sold that’s where they belong. They have looked pretty good as of late winning Charleroi in March, and qualifying for ECS Season 7 Finals recently, but I just don’t see them coming out with a better result than any other team but Ghost.

Pick: ENCE (+333)

Odds to Reach the Finals at cs_summit 4

Teams Odds to Reach Finals at cs_summit 4 at Bovada
Liquid -200
ENCE +120
Vitality +175
NRG +200
Renegades +200
Ghost +1000

*Odds taken 04/29/19

Who Will Join the Finns in the Finals?

Since I think it will be EZ4ENCE in LA, we should take a look at what team may meet them in the finals come Sunday. I said before the level of competition is going to very high as most of the teams are on the same level, so there could be a few teams that find themselves competing for the title.

I think there are three teams that could find themselves in the finals alongside ENCE; Liquid, Renegades and NRG. I would put them in that exact order of likelihood to reach the finals, and if I had to put a percent on it, I would give Liquid a 75% chance to be the other last team standing.

Picks Liquid (-200), ENCE (+120)

cs_summit 4 Region of Winner Odds

Region Region of Winner at cs_summit 4 at Bovada
Americas -190
Europe +135

*Odds taken 04/29/19

EU vs NA

Since I think ENCE is going to win out here, I would suggest taking Europe in this prop. However, they are the only team from Europe that I think can win, so if you’re looking for a safer bet taking the Americas may be the move for you.

Pick: Europe (+135)

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