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G2 Favored Over FunPlus Phoenix in LoL World Championship Final; Doinb Top Pick for MVP

Matthew Hempstead

by Matthew Hempstead in eSports

Nov 4, 2019 · 11:23 AM PST

G2 Esports
G2 stands on stage before taking on FPX in the finals of Worlds 2019. Photo By @G2esports (Twitter)
  • G2 Esports and FunPlus Phoenix will face off in the grand finals of Worlds 2019 on November 10th
  • FunPlus Phoenix have reached the finals in their first-ever Worlds appearance
  • For the first time ever, a European team has been in the finals in back-to-back years

The League of Legends 2019 season comes to an end as FunPlus Phoenix and G2 Esports compete in the grand finals of the World Championships on November 10th. The finals will take place in Paris and the fans, and the League of Legends World Championship odds, will no doubt be favoring the LEC representatives in G2.

G2 Esports vs. FunPlus Phoenix Odds

Team Odds Total
G2 Esports -120 O 4.5 (+165)
FunPlus Phoenix -105 U 4.5 (-210)

All odds taken Nov. 4, 2019

First Time at Worlds, First Time in the Finals

The 2019 World Championship started shaky for FunPlus Phoenix, but now they find themselves in the finals. Their semifinal match against Invictus Gaming was a fascinating one that saw the creativity and team-play of FPX shine through. Doinb continues to bring a unique champion pool that other teams have struggled to find an answer to. Against Invictus, he specifically found success with his Rumble, and AP Nautilus: two champions that no one else has played mid at Worlds.

Aside from Doinb proving that he’s a strong mid laner, FPX excelled thanks to the consistent play of Crisp, and the aggressive jungling of Tian. As of right now, Tian looks to be the MVP of FPX as he’s been the driving force in a lot of their early games and is always in the right place at the right time.

The biggest doubt for FPX is that Invictus Gaming dropped the ball against them in the semis, particularly in game 4. iG were in position to force a game 5 but some muffed fights from TheShy allowed FPX to get back into the game and close the series out in four. 

The Grand Slam Awaits G2

In a lot of ways, G2 plays League of Legends similarly to FunPlus Phoenix. They like to push winning lanes into early leads and then out teamfight you the rest of the way. Their team-fighting was near perfect as they took down SKT to advance to the finals. In several of the games, G2 found themselves behind early, however, they were able to constantly find SKT out of position and out-dueled the three-time World Champions.

G2 is a team that is full of creative players and despite all being top players in their role, their team play and communication is exceptional. They play the game in a way that keeps their enemies on their toes. Rather than doing what’s safest or what’s expected, G2 is unique in how they attack the enemy.

G2 Esports is now one best of five away from completing the Grand Slam. They won the LEC Spring and Summer Split, and they won MSI. A win over FPX would put the perfect bow on their incredible year. I’ve predicted G2 Esports winning it all since the beginning, and the odds are very even between the two teams. It will be a close series but expect G2 to pick up the grand slam by a scoreline of 3-1. Every single best of five in the knockout stage has somehow been a 3-1 so might as well keep with the trend.

Pick: G2 Esports (-120), U 4.5 (-210)

LoL World Championship Finals MVP Odds

Finals MVP Odds
Doinb (FPX) +275
Perkz (G2) +300
Tian (FPX) +600
Wunder (G2) +650
Caps (G2) +650
Jankos (G2) +1500
Mikyx (G2) +1500
Gimgoon(FPX) +1600
Crisp (FPX) +1600
LWX (FPX) +2000

A quick look at the odds for Finals MVP makes it seem as though FPX are favored to win the World Championship. I firmly believe that G2 will defeat FPX and because of that, there’s great value on some of the G2 members. Caps has been a huge roaming force that can take over the entire series.

He played the semifinals sick and vowed afterward that he would carry his team in the finals. Jankos was the player of the match against SKT because of his ability to help out his lanes that were struggling. Either of these two players have a great shot of being named MVP if G2 does secure the win.

Pick: Caps (+650)

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