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GSL Season 3 Final Odds, Picks, and Preview – Maru Listed As Favorite

Matthew Hempstead

by Matthew Hempstead in eSports

Oct 30, 2020 · 7:00 AM PDT

Global StarCraft League
The 2020 GSL Season 3 finals is a rematch from two years ago between TY and Maru.
  • The 2020 Global Starcraft II League Season 3 will hold it’s Grand Finals on November 1st
  • TY and Maru faceoff in a rematch of the 2018 Season 3 finals
  • See odds, analysis of the matchup, and our best bet below

It’d be hard to imagine a more fascinating end to GSL Season 3. The final between TY and Maru takes place on November 1st, 2020, and is a rematch of the 2018 Season 3 finals that saw Maru win in game 7. In the semifinals of the 2020 GSL Season 3, Maru was a heavy favorite as he put a stop to Armani’s shocking miracle run, meanwhile, TY pulled off a slight upset over Stats.

GSL Season 3 Final Odds

Team Odds
TY +100
Maru -138

Odds taken Oct. 29 at Bet365

Maru Number 5

Maru is already a legend when it comes to the Global Starcraft II League. He won four consecutive Code S titles, and although he hasn’t won since 2019 Season 1, he’s right back into finals with a shot to pick up a fifth title. Based on his experience alone, Maru has earned the right to be looked at as the favorite.

All tournament long, Maru’s play has been steady. He’s been great at playing defensive and finding the right time to ramp up his aggression. His semifinal match against Armani was a great example of that as Maru constantly thwarted off early aggression and took over later in the game.

Maru was struggling throughout the Summer, but he’s on top of his game heading into the finals. Not only did he confidently takedown Trap and Armani in the GSL Season 3 bracket, but he’s also coming off of a win at King of Battles.

Most importantly, his championship run at KoB came against a trio of Terran players. Maru has proven that he’s an expert at the Terran vs. Terran matchup, and now he has one more Terran player waiting for him in the GSL S3 finals.

TY’s Perfect Playoffs

Maru might have his crowded trophy case, but TY won a GSL title back at 2020 Season 1. He’s also been cruising through GSL Season 3. In the quarterfinals, he swept DongRaeGu 3-0. He followed that up with an even more impressive 4-0 victory over Stats. TY was actually the underdog going into the semis against Stats and, despite his dominance, he enters the finals as the underdog once again.

In his match against Stats, TY showed off his creativity and constantly caught his opponent by surprise. TY has an incredible ability to cheese his opponents that allows him to win a couple of games in a series. He doesn’t just randomly cheese though. TY has incredible preparation and will be studying Maru’s past matches closely.

Maru has recently played a bunch of Terran vs. Terran matches against Clem, InNoVation, and Cure that TY will use to create a game plan. Maru will, of course, be doing the same but, TY will most likely be able to catch him off-guard at some point in the series.

Maru vs TY is a rematch from the 2018 Season 3 Finals. It was an incredible match that saw Maru win a nail-biting set 4-3. Once again, I’d expect this match to come down to the wire, but this time TY has all the tools he needs to come out on top.

Pick: TY (+100)

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