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PSG.LGD Favored to Win The International 2018, But Don’t Count Out OG

SBD Staff Writer

by SBD Staff Writer in eSports

Updated Mar 27, 2020 · 9:47 AM PDT

PSG.LGD eSports team
PSG.LGD has emrged as the team to beat at The International 2018. Photo by PSG eSports {flickr) [CC License].
  • PSG.LGD has emerged as the favorite to win The International 2018 in Vancouver
  • Is OG capable of yet another miraculous comeback?
  • Will OG cover the spread against PSG.LGD?

While Team Liquid still has a chance to win The International 2018, PSG.LGD has quickly become the favourite. Joining them atop the new favourites to take home the trophy (and a massive payday!) is OG.

They upset an early tournament betting favourite in an incredible 2-1 win over Evil Geniuses, and now they sit just one win away from a trip to the finals.

OG came in as a+900 favourite to capture The International 2018, and if you sprinkled on them early, I tip my hat to you. Now it’s going to cost a bit more to hop aboard the train as the team is trending at an average bet of +375 to take it all home.

Odds to Win The International 2018

Team Liquid and Team Secret are currently battling for a chance to face Evil Geniuses in the lower bracket, so future bets aren’t available at this time, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t money to be made in the match between OG and PSG.LGD. The only question is whether or not you want to risk it.

OG and Evil Geniuses had the best match of the tournament so far, with the series going three games and the third and final game taking just under an hour.

Any time Dota Digest uploades a video with [LEGENDARY] in the title, you know it’s time to get your popcorn ready. OG made a miraculous late game comeback and after one last failed rush by Evil Geniuses the momentum was entirely on OG’s side. They took one last team fight in their favour, pushed down mid, and sealed the victory.

The International 2018 Top 5 Contenders

Team  Odds
PSG.LGD +100
OG +375
Evil Geniuses +450
Team Liquid +500
Team Secret +1400

Now while this is being pegged by most as an upset, the odds are too good to ignore for OG going into their match against PSG.LGD this afternoon.

OG vs PSG.LGD Betting Odds

Spread (+1.5) -115 Spread  (-1.5) (-110)
Win +270 Win -360


Despite OG’s rise through the tournament, the dominance of PSG.LGD can’t be ignored. They did, after all, defeat the overall tournament favourite in Team Liquid.

Despite OG’s rise through the tournament, the dominance of PSG.LGD can’t be ignored.

While you should never bet on a whim, if OG *does* lose this match, a possible rematch with Evil Geniuses could be set up to determine who takes on PSG.LGD in the finals. A lot has to fall into place for that to happen, but we’ve seen crazier things already at this tournament.

As the afternoon and evening come to a close, the odds for the eventual champion are going to clear up. You can track all our championship betting odds for The International 2018 right here.

In the meantime, enjoy today’s incredible games. The safe bet is OG on the spread as I like their chances of at least winning one game at -115. That being said, this team has proven they can beat anyone, and it’s hard to ignore the +270 Win line.

Good Luck!

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