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Invictus Gaming Favorites to Win 2018 League of Legends World Championship

SBD Staff Writer

by SBD Staff Writer in eSports

Oct 23, 2018 · 11:44 AM PDT

League of Legends artwork
The League of Legends 2018 World Championship will be held in Korea. Photo by downloadsource.fr (Flickr)
  • Invictus Gaming now has the best odds to win the 2018 League of Legends World Championship
  • Can Invictus Gaming continue it’s incredible run? 
  • Is Fnatic a better value bet heading into the final stage of the competition? 

Here Comes Invictus Gaming.

A massive shakeup over the weekend has Invictus Gaming putting themselves firmly in the conversation to be crowned winners at the 2018 League of Legends World Championship. Less than a week ago, the team out of China was pegged by oddsmakers as a +1400 to take home the crown – but thanks to some incredible play with one statement win in the following days, Invictus Gaming demands your attention.

Three days ago, the two favourites in the Championships were on their way to a predictable finals match. LPL’S RNG and LCK’S KT Rolster were the two teams expected to crush. RNG was eliminated by Cloud 9 in a bit of an upset – but it was KT Rolster’s fall that has everyone talking.

The dominant Korean team fell 0-2 to Invictus Gaming in the Quarter Finals but showed the resolve to claw their way back to a 2-2 tie with a fifth and deciding game coming up. They had the momentum, and experience to close it out and yet…they couldn’t get it done.

Invictus used a devastating double marksman strategy to roll over Rolster. They grabbed the Baron and the Dragon and there was nothing KT could do to stop them.

Now Invictus Gaming is in the drivers seat and making the rest of the competition take notice. Here’s a look at the updated League of Legends 2018 World Championship odds:

Odds to Win the 2018 League of Legends World Championships

Team Odds to Win the 2018 LOL World Championship
Invictus Gaming EVEN
Fnatic +175
G2 Esports +700
Cloud 9 +750

The most notable takeaway from the updated odds is that you’re at least doubling your money on either of the favorites. It shows you just how rattled oddsmakers were when both of their top teams went down. Even money for the “favourite” is always going to be a great value bet, but if you dig a little – the best value actually lies elsewhere.

Fnatic wiped Invictus off the map in the group stage of the tournament 2-0 and have all the tools necessary to pull off a victory with such a weak field remaining in the tournament. Take a look at how easily they handed Invictus Gaming the first time around.

Korea’s best team is out of Worlds, eliminating the possibility of a Korea-on-Korea final series and greatly diminishing the region’s chances at winning the whole thing. Invictus winning means something else, too. Fnatic defeated them handedly, twice, on the final day of the group stage, meaning Fnatic are now one of two teams favored to win. Grabbing them at +175 is unbelievable value and one certainly worth taking a risk on. We’ve seen some strange things already happen in this tournament, so why not one more?

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