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Updated ESL One New York 2019 Odds After Field Set

Matthew Hempstead

by Matthew Hempstead in eSports

Aug 9, 2019 · 8:28 AM PDT

Team Liquid
Team Liquid is the +150 favorite to win the ESL One New York 2019. Photo from @GoogleTrendsOn1 (Twitter).
  • ESL One: New York 2019 takes place from September 26th to September 29th at the Barclays Center
  • Team Liquid and their hot streak enter ESL One as the favorites to win
  • Optic Gaming rounds out the field of eight following their win at the GG.Bet Invitational

The main event of ESL One: New York 2019 begins on September 26th. Team Liquid look to win their sixth straight tournament and retain their title as ‘the best CS:GO team in the world’.

Optic Gaming will round out the eight-team tournament defeating forZe to win the GG.Bet Invitational

Betting Odds for ESL One New York 2019

Team Odds to Reach the Finals Odds to Win
Liquid -300 +150
Astralis -175 +225
ENCE +250 +600
Faze +325 +750
G2 +450 +1000
NRG +550 +1200
Optic N/A +2500
eUnited +2500 +5000

*Odds taken 09/08/19

Team Liquid Still Favorites

Not much has changed in the world of CS:GO since the odds for ESL One: New York came out prior to the GG.Bet Invitational. There haven’t been any major tournaments and we haven’t seen any of the top competitors like Team Liquid or Astralis in action. That could potentially be a downside for Team Liquid. They were riding hot after they won five straight tournaments that they attended and picked up the IEM Grand Slam.

They’ve looked completely unstoppable, but perhaps the break in tournament play will give other teams a chance to catch up. If nothing else, Astralis and ENCE will have a chance to further scout and analyze Team Liquid’s strategies heading into ESL One. However, until I see a team actually challenge Liquid, I’ll keep putting my money on them to win. They’ve been untouchable since the beginning of June.

Watch the StarLadder Major

The main tournament between now and ESL One: New York is the StarLadder Major which takes place from August 28th to September 8th. This will be the true litmus test to see how the top teams look following a month off from major tournaments.

All of the teams taking part in ESL One: New York except for eUnited and Optic will be in Berlin for the Major. If any cracks have formed within Team Liquid, it’ll be shown off at StarLadder. I’d wait to see how this tournament plays out before laying out big money.

If any cracks have formed within Team Liquid, it’ll be shown off at StarLadder.

The Latest Qualifier

Optic Gaming was the final team to qualify for ESL One: New York and did so by winning the GG.Bet Invitational. Although impressive on paper, their qualification comes with a bit of an asterisk. First of all, one of the top teams in the invitational, Cr4zy, were unable to compete and got replaced by Winstrike Team from the CIS. That made their group stage significantly easier. Then in the semifinals, Optic took down BIG 2-0 with the second map going to overtime.

At the time, BIG was competing without gob b and denis. They brought smooya back onto the roster but had to use a stand-in to fill the other void. Optic then held off forZe in the finals to qualify for New York. It was a close set but Optic did convincingly win the third map 16-3.

In Optic’s defense, they also had a roster shakeup as cajunb stood in for refrezh. So yes, Optic did qualify but this isn’t a team that is worth betting money on. It’s a surprise to see them make it to ESL One: New York and they should definitely struggle against the likes of Liquid and Astralis.

Picks: Liquid to win (+150), ENCE to make finals (+250)

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