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Odds on Partners of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson for The Match 3 Include Steph Curry, Michael Jordan, Larry David & More

MJ rides golf cart
Michael Jordan might be teeing it up alongside Tiger and Phil in The Match III. Photo from Wiki Commons.
  • “The Match II: Champions for Charity” was a huge success, leading to speculation of a third one happening in the future between Tiger and Phil 
  • Steph Curry and Michael Jordan are betting favorites to be the playing partners in the next foursome
  • See the odds below and best bets to play in the rumored Match III

There were plenty of skeptics that the second iteration of “The Match” featuring Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson would fall flat, but with the addition of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, it was a ratings success and $20 million dollars was raised to aid COVID-19 relief.

Woods and Manning emerged victorious by a slim margin over a hard charging Mickelson and Brady, while entertaining the sports starved masses. That’s got people excited for a third match in the future, which seems a slam dunk given the success of ‘The Match II: Champions for Charity”.

Which figures of the sports and entertainment world are the best bets to compete in the next iteration?

Odds to Be Playing Partners in The Match III

Golfer Odds
Steph Curry -240
Michael Jordan EVEN
Tony Romo +110
Patrick Mahomes +500
Bill Murray +500
Larry David +500
Charles Barkley +1000
Aaron Rodgers +1600
Drew Brees +1600
Ben Roethlisberger +1600
Matt Ryan +1600

Odds taken May 28th

Date for Third Match Affects Cast

The belief is that the third match might settle around Thanksgiving, like it did for the first one played in November of 2018.

Should that be the case, would athletes still playing professionally such as Steph Curry or Patrick Mahomes be out of the running? That’s very important to consider in this case.

Curry has a long track record of success on the course (and has competed in Korn Ferry Tour events) but the Warriors might want to keep their golden PG under wraps depending on how the season has progressed.

That would open things up for the likes of the retired Michael Jordan, or Tony Romo, who could probably convince CBS he can play the round of golf then prepare for his Sunday football game he’ll be broadcasting.

Larry David would be a pretty good choice, as would Bill Murray, which would add to the comedic element of the match.

Their golf games probably wouldn’t be enough up to par to make it a truly compelling match (though Brady’s horrendous start to the match was entertaining in its own right).

Although fans would love to see Curry and Mahomes teeing it up alongside Tiger and Phil, stick with the guys who have the availability to make the third match happen.

Picks: Michael Jordan (EVEN), Tony Romo (+110)

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