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Will “Omaha” Be Said During The Match II? See All Football Related Props for Tiger, Manning vs Phil, Brady

Tom Brady swings golf club
Will Tom Brady be able to upend Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods alongside Phil Mickelson in The Match II? Photo from @PatriotsFGSN (Twitter)
  • While the headlines have surrounded Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, you can wager on all football related aspects of The Match II and the involvement of Manning and Brady
  • Prop bets range from the former NFL QB’s driving distances to whether “Omaha” will be said on the broadcast
  • See all the odds for these props and more in the story below

After the successful Driving Relief Charity Skins match raised more than 5 million dollars for COVID-19 relief this past weekend, The Match II is now set to take the stage.

Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning will take on Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady on May 24th at Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Florida.

Woods and Manning are favorites at -195 over Mickelson and Brady. With the two future Hall-of-Famers set to tee it up alongside the golf icons, this article will focus on all football related props for The Match II.

The Match II Peyton Manning and Tom Brady Prop Odds

Who Will Have Longest Drive on Hole No.1? Odds
Peyton Manning -120
Tom Brady -120
Will Peyton Manning Hit FIR on Hole No.1? Odds
Yes -140
No +100
Will Tom Brady Hit FIR on Hole No.1? Odds
No -120
Yes -120
Will “Omaha” Be Said By Any Player? Odds
No -350
Yes +225
First Player to Have Football Highlight Shown? Odds
Peyton Manning -130
Tom Brady -110
Total Commercials P. Manning is in During Broadcast Odds
Under 1.5 Total Commercials -180
Over 1.5 Total Commercials +140
Will “audible” Be Said By Any Player? Odds
No -200
Yes +150
Will “deflate” Be Said By Any Player? Odds
No -200
Yes +150
Will “Gronk” Be said By Any Player? Odds
Yes -205
No +155
Will Lombardi Trophy Be Seen During Broadcast? Odds
Yes -300
No +200
Will Any Player Spike a Football? Odds
No -700
Yes +400
Will Any Player Spike a Golf Ball? Odds
No -350
Yes +225
Which Logo Will Be on Front of Tom Brady’s Hat? Odds
TB12 -400
Buccaneers +250

All odds taken May 19th

Manning Keeps It in the Short Stuff

Since Manning retired in 2015, he has had a lot more time to practice on the links. Brady has been a little bit busier winning Super Bowls, so Manning might have the advantage heading into this match.

Brady even gave a little jab about Manning’s retirement time before the match was even planned.

Although this match is for charity, doesn’t mean these two guys won’t compete. Manning has the upper hand coming into the match and he will want to assert that on the very first hole.

Medalist GC first hole
Medalist Golf Club’s First Hole

The first hole at The Medalist Golf Club is a straight forward 400 yard Par 4. Depending on what tees Manning and Brady will be playing, it will play a little shorter.

There will obviously be some nerves on the first tee for the two football guys as millions watch from their homes. However, with the extra time Manning has had to practice over the last few years, I think he will stripe one on this short Par 4.

Moreover, having Woods as your partner takes a little bit of the pressure off as he’ll more than likely hit the fairway with an iron or wood on the first tee.

Manning will want to instill his dominance over Brady right out of the gate and hitting the fairway on his first tee shot is the easiest way to do that.

Best Bet: Peyton Manning FIR on Hole No. 1 (-140)

Is “Omaha” in the Gameplan?

The audible call that haunted defenses for years: “Omaha”. Probably a word that Tom Brady hates hearing even today.

Well, it was a staple in Peyton Manning’s career as he continually manipulated world-class defenses with one simple word.

So, if Omaha was used to call a last-second audible at the line of scrimmage, can we potentially see an Omaha call with a last-second club change? Another possibility is for Woods and Brady to use it to try and throw Manning off his golf game.

Realistically, I don’t see Omaha being said at all. Although Manning likes to joke around, he is probably very annoyed with people asking him about it, and asking him to say it.

If Manning is taking jabs at anyone they will be directed towards Brady as he’ll try to get inside Brady’s kitchen to win the match.

Best Bet: “Omaha” will not be said by any player (-350)

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